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  Wireless Broadband Enhancer    

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Exciting New Product: WiBE - the 3G problem solver:  Even tried to get 3G on your laptop or mobile in more rural areas?  Yes me too - frustrating isn't it?  But this is the wired world and we really should be able to get mobile broadband performance wherever we are and not just in a city. Trouble is that little 3G dongle from your mobile phone company, magically convenient though it is, just isn't up to this more difficult rural work, and even your smart phone, ipad, iphone, etc, can struggle with reception here. The WiBE pictured right with its innards exposed is an exceptional external aerial complete with clever software to give you not only enhanced signal but also best throughput. 

WiBe delivers up to 7.2 Mbps, and an average of more than 2 Mbps in most rural areas where access to the Internet can be difficult, where ADSL wired speeds are slow, and where satellite and fixed wireless solutions are very expensive. The WiBE uses multi-beam antenna technology to extend the range and throughput of a 3G mobile phone-data network and then passes a clean strong signal to your devices via WiFi. This allows the mobile phone 3G network to be a viable broadband option, bringing speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps, and an average of at least 2 Mbps in rural areas. WiBE scans using a patented multi-beam antenna system and selects the link offering the best data connection for maximum throughput. It keeps scanning automatically to ensure that the best available link to the 3G network is maintained. It is ideal for providing WiFi coverage within the home, motorhome or small business connecting via its powerful IEEE802.11bgn WiFi router with many advanced features. These include integrated security and firewall, as well as QoS (Quality of Service) support. It can be extremely useful as a business backup to wired broadband too. At home you might be able to get rid of your fixed land line altogether and use 3G for both phone and broadband - especially since this comprehensive package includes a secure router with personal WiFi access to the internet for all your computers and WiFI devices - just locate it on a windowsill and you're connecting. In your motorhome it can mean the difference between those tedious dial-up speeds and genuine broadband performance even when away from city and motorway.

Tested in the Cairngorms and the Lake District and featured on the BBC's technology program - 'Click'. Now on longer term test with motorcaravanning and soon to be with the major motorhome magazines.

WiBE is no fly-by-night gimmick, this unique product comes from an established company specialising in antennae including those for emergency deployment after natural disasters - serious stuff.

So why is it better?  Other traditional solutions to the rural signal problem involve wired antennae fixed to the optimal spot on your house or office and offering an amplified signal and/or signal gain - typically of 3 to 6dB, a bit more if you don't mind the hassle of trial and error pointing of a Yagi type aerial.  WiBe goes a whole lot further than that by offering an omni-directional gain of an incredible 20dB (db is logarithmic so that's a huge gain). It does this without all the fuss of trial and error pointing and what's more it then goes on to select and maintain the best local signal for highest throughput by avoiding local data-traffic jams - in many ways just like your satnav. As if that weren't enough its clever design also allows it to reduce interference so that the stronger signal really is a good signal and not with the louder noise levels that can ruin reception. All exactly what's needed whether you're trying to get 3G broadband at home or in a rural office or for truly mobile use in a motorhome in the middle of a field - especially since it is a self-configuring plug and play unit too!

Perfect Performance: Theoretically the WiBe should pull in stations ten times further away than any dongle or usb modem. In real-world tests things like trees and hills do have some impact but increased distances of 5x or more are commonplace so the performance improvements are really significant. This can mean the difference between receiving 3G and not but in better areas also gives the unit the opportunity to select the access point with the least traffic, least interference, and best throughput. This might be an industrial area at night but a residential area during the day for example. In practice this unit is at least twice as good as best in class alternatives set in an ideal orientation 7 position and generally performs better even than that - so unbeatable on both performance and convenience.

Downside?  Very little really, a bit bigger than we'd like and inevitably a bit dearer than we'd like but then you 'don't get ought for nowt' as some would say. There's no fall-back to 2G so if you are somewhere really remote you will have to use your dongle instead for 2G. Thoughtfully for truly mobile users the makers have incorporated status lights on the WiBE so you can see if 3G is available before firing up the laptop. For extreme motorhome use, might be best popped into a plastic bag and placed on the roof.

More information:  Datasheet: Wibe_hs7_datasheet.pdf   Evaluation Guide: Wibe_evaluation_guide.pdf

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