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  Water and Waste Handling    

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Malaga / Cascade Water Heaters, Water Hose & Fillers, Taps, Pumps, Wastemaster

New:  Mains Inlet with Pressure Regulator:  Want to take advantage of mains water hook-up on the new super-pitches?  Simple, fit one of these 'Reich Colorado Mains Pressure Tap Regulator' water inlets along with an isolator/tap/check-valve to prevent the incoming water from flowing into your water tank and/or backwards through your existing 12v pump. The unit accepts input pressures of up to 12bar and reduces them to just 0.7bar (180psi->11psi) Closing pressure is 1.1bar (16psi). Connector is the standard snap-on but in brass for durability. Dimensions are: Box cutout  6x15cm, Overall size 9x21x3.2cm. The simplest installation plumbs this unit into you van's water pipe upstream of your existing pump and also inserts a non-return valve or check-valve between there and the pump. Click here for schematic picture of a typical installation.  This and all other water items are listed for purchase below, PgDn to browse or click to Buy Below >>>

Aquaroll & Wastemaster & Waste Buggy for easy movement of fresh and waste water around the campsite without having to move your 'van. The new Waste-master slides under most caravans and motorhomes and has a neat stepped design allowing you to easily piggy-back your toilet cassette too, much better than carrying all that weight if you have to go some distance to empty it. Easy to store in your garage and/or some underfloor cupboards too. Both are made of rigid HD Polyethylene for long life and both are designed for easy movement on site and easy storage off site to make our camp lives more relaxed!  Aquaroll is the original and best Rolling Water Carrier and is often used with a 12v or mains powered submersible pump to transfer the fresh water into the 'van easily. Removable collapsible handle with rustproof ball joints, strong nylon bearings, and quality tyres on deep rims for plenty of ground clearance for easy rolling. Filler tube with tap adapter included too. Can also be used with the Aquaroll Mains Adaptor, which allows connection of mains water supplies to caravans and motorhomes where there is an individual tap available. You can fit an optional stand and the tap without lifting even when the Aquaroll is full. For more info see  The 40L Waste Buggy pictured right is an economical waste carrier approx 37x100x25cm with wheels & axle storing in carrier body for easy transit storage.  Buy Below >>>

New: Aqua Sol by Clean Tabs:  Purifies Water for Drinking, Eliminates Tastes and Odours. Gets great reviews on line. Destroys pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, biofilm, fungi & cysts. Eliminates by oxidising - all tastes and odours caused by bacteria, metals, plastics, and phenol leached from plastics. Non-corrosive - will not harm water system components. 300ml bottle will purify 750 litres of water - just add one capful to every 25L of water when filling your tank. The active ingredient is biodegradable, non-corrosive and has world-wide approval for drinking water. Brilliant!  From the same stable as Puriclean and AquaTabs, check out there website here (new window).  Buy All Below >>>

Winter Ban 'Minus 100':  If the weather is anything like last year we'll all be needing this!
Non-Toxic winter plumbing protection even for those parts that are almost impossible to drain-down. It is generally much safer to leave some Winter ban in the system than to try to drain completely - we're told this is rarely fully successful in really bad weather. Camco Winter Ban RV & Marine Antifreeze is a concentrated non-toxic propylene based formula with inhibitor used in the marine & motorhome sectors to provide freeze and burst protection of potable water systems during winter storage. At full strength Winter Ban '-100' will provide burst protection down to -100F or -73C. It's more commonly used diluted in the UK to provide burst protection down to a desired temperature, a blending chart is provided on the label for dilution purposes. Please do note that there are different strengths of Winter Ban and this '-100' is the strong one so is very cost effective when diluted with twice as much water (1:2) e.g. to protect down to -18C which in itself is an extreme temperature for the UK so even more dilute is possible. Cheaper versions naturally have to be used stronger to work as well so aren't usually cheaper in use. Please note that some ice crystals may form at slightly higher temperatures than quoted because the -100 is a burst protection rating not the first crystals temperature - and burst protection is what we actually need!  Protect plumbing systems, pumps, boilers etc in motorcaravans, holiday homes & caravans throughout the winter months and then drain down and rinse out in spring prior to normal use of course. Odourless, non-toxic & tasteless, ingredients are listed GRAS in the US Fed Register - generally regarded as safe. PS: You don't fill the system with this, it is usually sufficient to have liquid residue protecting after a flush through with the solution. Buy Below >>>

Food Grade Hose on 20m Cassette:  Semi-lay-flat and the longest available food grade water hose on a convenient compact cassette - which is just 40mm wide and 370mm dia plus a 60mm handle.  Absolutely ideal for Caravan, Motorhome and even Fte!  Blue food grade* hose complete with fittings.  I'd describe this as a semi-flat hose - we find it much more convenient and robust in everyday use than a pure thin-wall lay-flat but very much more compact than a conventional hose.  We've got one ourselves and think every motorhome should have one - for those occasions when you just can't get near the tap! Also very handy - for getting water out again - the external shower point left!

* Food Grade: means that pathogens cannot grow in the material of the hose. There may initially be a slight initial PVC taint but this will go away with airing and flushing, i.e. in use. Many of us using tank water for drinking and cooking also use anti-taint filters in the kitchen cold line, either the cheap, disposable, caravan line filters or the excellent Nature Pure filter/purifier - replacement filter available below. Both will also remove that horrid chlorine taste now found in so much of our main water. It's often the best solution - clean hygienic water thanks to chlorine but filtered for best taste at the point of delivery!  Buy Below >>>

Water Connectors, Filler Caps, Water Block Filler, etc:  Here are some simple but good ideas!  NB: none of these are compatible with the narrow neck Fiamma unit, please check the type is OK before ordering!
a) Left a 'standard' 77mm diameter twist-on tri-grip water cap but with a snap-on water connector in place of the central lock.  When filling with the Heos units just remove your usual locking cap and substitute the HeosWater, snap on the hose and fill, no mess, no fuss, it just works and it's hygienic too. There are two types, the white one illustrated is for vented tanks and/or tanks with built in overflow, while the blue version has its own built-in venting for use with un-vented water tanks. b) New, the excellent Water Block Filler above right. Inset a standard standard hose through the block, twist the block into place on the filler neck and the hose will stay put while you fill. You can adjust the hose length protruding to suit and can easily remove it too. Amazingly good - never knew I needed one until I tried it and now never go away without it!  Fits many common motorhome fillers like the 75/77mm dia cap units as does the Heos. Needless to say none of these are auto-shut off - do watch them towards the end of the fill!  The 3-grip/3-lug 77mm dia spare cap pictured in black & the reverse in white above left replaces the 75/77mm tri-grip or bar type grip type in fairly common use. NB: The term 'tri-grip' refers to the three inner small lugs seen on the picture of the white cap; externally they can have three finger grips or a bar across the front. See Zadi page for Tri-Grip Caps, Barrels and Filler necks, click to go there now.

Picture Info Above to help identify cap type: A white Fiamma unit pictured left for easy comparison with the common tri-grips / bar-grips while the small Hymer style unit is illustrated right.  Buy Below >>>

NEW Malaga 5 / 5E Water Heater: (Was Malaga 4/4E & III/IIIE): New and improved models with new micro-processor electronic based controls to give zero power consumption when idle and self diagnostics in case of difficulties. This high capacity water storage heater is available in two versions, the standard Malaga, with an efficient gas burner, and the Malaga E, which has the added benefit of a 750 watt mains electric heating element which can be used on its own or together with the gas heating for extra power and speed. Note that both heaters require a 12V feed to run. Both of these compact heaters can provide a quick and efficient supply of hot water for showering and washing in motorhomes and caravans. The optional adaptor flange also makes this a straightforward drop-in replacement for the old Cascade / 2 GE water heaters.

Malaga IV & IVe Water Heater Technical Specifications

Malaga III spec shown, M-IV is very similar.
Height – 250mm  Width – 285mm  Depth – 520mm Inward depth 480mm
Weight empty 9.3kg  Tank Capacity: 13.5 litres.
Water – Max supply 1.3 BAR *, Relief 3.0 BAR *, Working 2.0 BAR *
Gas Heat input 1.15kw / 80 g/h.  Injector Bray 960 / 40
Gas connection 8mm / 5/16 o.d.  Water connections - Speed Fit.
Gas Pressure setting CAT I3+ Propane 30/37 mbar, Butane 28/30 mbar.
Electricity – Malaga 3 12v DC;  Malaga 3E 12v DC + 230v AC element 750W
Current consumption @ 12v 0.36A * For ref : 1 Bar is approx 14.5 psi.   Buy Below >>>

* NB many pumps pulse to much higher pressures than their nominal supply pressure and so are a potential source of damage. We strongly recommend fitting an accumulator/expansion tank to moderate this. (See the A20 accumulator on our Fiamma miscellaneous page).  Buy Below >>>

Henry Water Heater:  Gas + 230V. Similar spec 'Cascade' replacement. Well known unit now re-sourced in the far east. Samples passed UK testing so supplies now available again.

Propex 10L 230V 900W Compact Water Heater:  Compact design especially for caravans and motorhomes, for underseat mounting possibly. Stylish, efficient and compact water storage heater allows you to pull up, hook up, and switch on, for hot water to be available as long as you have mains power. Temperature can be easily adjusted via dial. Ideal for smaller 'vans and as a 2nd unit in larger ones. Comes with mounting bracket, 12mm push fit connections plus adapter to " flexible, winter drain tap plus safety over pressure & temperature protection.  Enamelled steel interior. PU foam insulated. 230v 900 watt so can be run via an inverter for some quick hot water if off grid. Approx dims: 378x276x280mm  4.8KG.  Buy Below >>>

PosiFlo no longer available but see Sureflo listed to buy below!
PosiFlo Pumps: Similar to the Sureflo but claimed to be an improvement. 12V models available in 7 and 10 litre/min flow versions with pressures from 16 to 40 psi. They come with a 2 year warranty, conform to the requirements of EMC (EN50081 & EN55014) and are made in the UK. Spares available and all spares are compatible with Sureflo equivalents. Please email

Features: Fully automatic 3 chamber diaphragm pump; Quiet and smooth performance; Self-priming; Runs dry without damage (for limited time of course!); Continuously rated, balanced motor with overload protection for long life; Energy efficient with low amp draw.  Buy Below >>>

Submersible Pumps:  as below .. and coming soon ... more taps & mixer taps.

New: Reich Portable 12v Shower Kit (Right):  Ultra-versatile 12V shower. Perfect for camping and leisure activities. This shower can operate off 12V by using the supplied cigarette lighter plug or from 4 (D) cell batteries (not included). Features an adjustable water flow and includes handy storage bag, suction cup and shower holder.

Reich:  Reich submersibles, pressure switches and non-return valves as fitted to many continental motorhomes like Hymer also see below ...

Laundry: Lightweight Semi-auto Twin Tub:  This amazing Twin Tub Compact Washer will handle up to 3.6kg of washing with semi automatic pulse and reverse wash action, dial selector for normal and gentle washes, switches off automatically after each timed programme. Pumps away waste water from both washer and spin dryer (not to any height though). You can use the spin dryer at the same time as the washer or just on its own with fully adjustable timing operation. Simply connect to hot tap, no plumbing required. Lightweight and portable complete with all hose attachments and spin accessories. Ideal for small flats, caravans and boats where 220v/240v is available or even for compact domestic use. If running from an inverter a sine-wave type will probably be required. Approx: 69cm (H) x 60cm (L) x 36cm (W) Height with lid open is ~92cm. Maximum Input Power - 180w @ 240v.  Buy Below >>>

Taps:  We can get quite a large range of taps particularly Reich & Comet but inevitably struggle to match exactly when given odd pieces of replacement info! If you've done your research on the Reich & Comet websites and know the model we'd be pleased to supply though!  Apart from that we plan to list a growing selection that have proved useful ... First this compact folding chrome microswitched unit code N26776 pictured right.  It is a direct replacement of the kitchen tap in our Hymer Smev combination unit and performs better than the original ever did presumably due to continuing product improvement. It's very compact at just 40mm high when folded down, has no separate volume control just off-cold-mix-hot and back again (with lower flow near each end of the range), but does now incorporate a spray nozzle for more manageable flow. Helpfully, replacing the microswitch is possible without removing the tap. Second the Single Lever Shower Mixer Kama "Julia" with ceramic cartridge pictured left. This shower mixer tap is light weight having a body of high quality plastic instead of brass. It is still a top quality top though because a user replaceable ceramic cartridge is used. If necessary this can be exchanged without removing the tap as can the 4A microswitch.  The traditional folding single and double 'deluxe taps are popular too as example N26770 pictured right, microswitches available too.  Buy Below >>>

Manufacturer information: both have English pages and pictures. Just don't expect their entire product ranges to be readily available here in the UK!

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Water System Products


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Highlands Delivery Supplement ~25Kg single pack under 1.5m to IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE postcodes e.g.  - an additional -



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Winter Protection


Winter Ban -100  Potable Grade Anti-freeze  3.8L

Dilute to use, protects drinking water system over winter. Carries a small weight related delivery charge.

NB: Not necessary to fill the system but just to protect any residues after flush & drain. This highly concentrated, high protection, 'potable' anti-freeze goes a long way!



NB: For delivery into Europe you must add-to-cart the Europe Option

Water Purification


Aqua-Sol by Clean Tabs.  300ml treats 750L. Destroys pathogenic bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, biofilm, fungi & cysts. Oxidation eliminates tastes and odours caused by bacteria, metals, plastics, and phenol leached from plastics



Aqua-Sol by Clean Tabs - Multibuy 6-pack  as above



Puriclean(er) 400g Tub.  Easy to use, simply add to the water system incl to taps etc and leave to soak for 1 to 12 hours then rinse out. Periodic use will ensure a clean healthy system for water storage. Cleans and sterilises the whole water system: tank, pipes, pumps, taps in one easy action. Eradicates bacteria, viruses, biofilm, algae and fungi. Powerful action without harming the components in the water system. Proven in use world-wide for 3 decades. 400g Cleans tanks up to 270 litres



AquaTabs Midi (32).  Chlorine donor. Each tablet treats 25L of stored water. Formulated for max microbiological control in stored water.



AquaTabs Mega (18).  Chlorine donor. Each tablet treats 225L of stored water. Formulated and individually foil packed for max life and max microbiological control in stored water.


Taps, Mixers, Shower Mixers & Spares   Reich Taps used in many European Motorhomes

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Solar Travel Shower Kit  Outwell Solar Shower uses the sun to heat water for free. Carry/hang handle, Thermometer, Adjustable shower tap. Great for feet/dog after beach!



Reich Single Lever Mono Mixer Tap  Chrome SKU: 547-050000SK.  Pictured above, fitted to some Hymer and others of course.  Reich plastic hosetails.



Reich Microswitch for N26776 above



Reich Single Lever Kama Julia Shower Mixer in Chromed Plastic with Ceramic Cartridge. 572-80601PSK



Reich Single Lever Kama Mixer 27mm Tap in Chromed Plastic with Ceramic Cartridge. 27mm dia Spigot, 120 high, 215 spout. 572-80200PSK



Reich Single Lever Kama Mixer 33mm Tap in Chromed Plastic with Ceramic Cartridge. 33mm dia Spigot, 120 high, 215 spout. 572-802010PSK



Reich Microswitch for N26778/80 above



Reich Ceramic Cartridge for N26778/80 above



Reich Trend A Single Lever Mixer Tap  Low profile elegant tap with 40mm height allowing installation with little available room. Perfect for sinks fitted with glass lids. Comes with Micro-switch (4A max) & Push-fittings. Base 27mm dia, spout 175mm.



Reich Trend E Single Lever Mixer Tap  Elegant Trend-E style tap with large brass lever and body of lightweight plastic, a great combination. Comes with PVC flexible hose tails for connection to Push-fit water systems. Supplied with Microswitch (4A max). Base 33mm dia, 105mm high, 180mm spout. 671-802010P1



Reich Trend E Single Lever Shower-Mixer Tap  Elegant Trend-E style tap with large brass lever and body of lightweight plastic, a great combination. Comes with 150cm of hose, spout swivels 90. With Microswitch (4A max) plus. Push-fittings & Trend Shower Handset. Base 33mm dia, 150mm high, 250mm spout 671-800000801P



Reich Single Lever Pelican Mixer 33mm Tap in stylish Chrome & Matt Nickel finish with Ceramic Cartridge. 33mm dia Spigot, 100mm high, 140mm spout.  Swivels 360. Takes Kama Cartridge above.  572-902310PSK



Reich Microswitch for N26784 above



Reich Single Lever Twist Shower Mixer (i.e. no tap)
in stylish Chrome finish with Ceramic Cartridge. 39mm dia Spigot, 40mm height over lever. Complete with Julia Shower Handset, metal shower hose and showerhead wall bracket.  NB: Lever is typically located on left or front of handset connection. 575-040900PR255K



Reich Ceramic Cartridge for N26797 above



Reich Microswitch for N26797 above



Reich Deluxe Single Microswitch Tap. Suits submersible pumps esp. Black & chrome finish & compact as pictured above. 540-180100SK



Reich Deluxe Twin H/C version of the above Microswitch Tap. Black and chromed finish similar to the single version pictured above. 541-180100SK



Spare/Replacement Microswitch for Reich DeLuxe


Appliances & Heaters

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Twin Tub Compact Washing Machine. Amazing.
3.6kg load, semi automatic pulse & reverse wash action, dial selector for normal and gentle washes, switches off automatically after each timed programme. Pumps away waste water from both washer and spin dryer. (NB won't pump to a height). Spin at the same time as washing, spin timer. Connect to hot tap, no plumbing in. Lightweight & portable complete with all hose attachments and spin accessories. Ideal for small flats, caravans and boats. Approx Dimensions: 650(H) x 585 x 340mm. Height lid open ~915mm. Maximum Input Power 180w @ 240v.  TMK-00889  (delivery charge)



Malaga 5 Water Heater  1.15Kw Gas Input



Malaga 5E Water Heater 1.15Kw/750W Gas/230v Input



Malaga - Cascade Adapter Flange only with heater



Henry Water Heater Kit Gas/240v (Cascade Replacement) Full range of spares available too.




May be discontinued - we can't get it now  Stylish mains water storage heater - just pull up, hook up, switch on, for quick hot water, temp easily adjusted. Choice of mounting options & variable temperature setting ensures the right choice for your needs Approx 378x276x280mm  4.8KG Ideal for smaller 'vans and as a 2nd unit in larger ones



Aquaroll, Tank Filling, Waste, Main Water, etc.  

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Tired of two-ing and fro-ing with your Aqua roll or Water hog- with the Truma Waterline you don't have to! This 15 metre hose pipe enables you to link your Ultraflow Water System directly to a mains water supply, providing a constant water flow. Cuts out one of the most physical chores when away in your caravan or motor home - making life easier. (46090-01).

N26685  Truma Ultraflow Waterline  15m hose links your Ultraflow Water System directly to mains water supply, providing a constant water flow. Cuts out one of the most physical chores when away in your caravan or motor home - making life easier. (SKU: 46090-01)



W4 Fill Up Tube - 1m   Food grade blue tube with matching universal rubber tap connector.



W4 Fill Up Tube - 2m   Food grade blue tube
with matching universal rubber tap connector.



W4 Fill Up Tube - 5m   Food grade blue tube
with universal rubber tap connector, great for motorhomes!



Leisurewise Waterhog 50L (Mk2)



Aquaroll Super 40L  400mm dia x 500mm long 



Aquaroll Mains Adapter Kit

Protects caravan from leaks and holds 20L reserve.



Aquaroll Mains Adapter Extension Hose only 7.5m



Aquaroll Pump Connector 19mm hose for 40L

(connect to an inboard pump)



Aquaroll Pump Connector 19mm hose for 29L

(connect to an inboard pump)



Aquaroll Tap 80mm



Aquaroll Stand 40L



Wastemaster (new version) 30/38L

1000L x 355W x 160/225D  525W over wheels when attached



Aquasource Mains Water Connection (super-pitch)

Fits Whale & Carver inlets. Flood protection.


N26809 R6088

External Shower Point by Bullfinch, Ideal for outdoor showers, washing pets and other articles. Comes complete with a shower head assembly of shower fitting, shower hose and swivel head. Uses the van's existing hot and cold water supplies. Inserting the shower assembly, locks it in place and turns on the water. Temperature adjustment is simple, just turn the lever. 6088/01 Needs a separate switch in microswitched systems. 60mm cutter. 105x110x90. White



Bullfinch Water Inlet Point  Allows water tanks to be filled easily. Pressure limiter to prevent damage to internal piping and equipment installed (it does not reduce the pressure - it stops flow at pressures over 1.5 bar). Fits snap-on universal hose connections and push-fit 12mm pipe. Dual usage; water fill up from mains supply and from tank. Comes with air vents to release excess air during filling. Simple installation - you will need a 60mm cutter. 6097/01  White 


Matching Bullfinch gas point
External 13A Mains Socket and Satellite Point also available to match.


FAP External Shower Outlet White   Diameter at rear of housing is approximately 110mm. Unit is delivered complete with outer cover / flap in White.



Reich Colorado Mains Water Inlet & Pressure Reducer (The Reich Non-return Valves N26796 below may suit this)



20m Slim Cassette of Food Grade Hose with Fittings



15m Layflat Food Grade Hose with Fittings in cassette



HeosWater - hose to tank fill connector for Hymer.

NB Not all Hymer have the Hymer fitting!  See pic above.



HeosWater - hose to tank fill connector 75mm White

This version is for use with vented tank systems only.



HeosWater - hose to tank fill connector 75mm Blue

Has built-in venting for use with any/un-vented tanks.




NEW: Water Block Filler  Fits into many motorhome water fillers taking the 75/77mm cap and grips onto the inserted standard hose for secure filling, suitable for use with vented or un-vented tanks. Brilliant gadget, no more wet feet/socks Recommended, we have one ourselves!


For Fiamma water tanks please click here

Some spare Water Caps below but see also our Zadi/Oberholz page - click here


3-Grip White Water Tank Cap Spare,
with barrel & keys



3-Grip Black Water Tank Cap Spare,
with barrel & keys



Fiamma Water Cap complete assembly White



Fiamma Water Cap complete assembly Black


Pumps etc

Part No:



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Fiamma Aqua 8 iSensor 7L  (01216C03-)

"controls precisely the water pressure of the motorhome and regulates the motor speed, with no need of pressure switches"



Fiamma Aqua 8 Pump 7L @ 21 psi  (01216C01-)



Fiamma Aqua 8 Pump 10L @ 21 psi  (01216B01-)



Pump Upgrade Kit, converts to newer Aqua8 spec (98657-015). Suits AQUA 8, SF 126 PRO, S20, S12 NEW



ShurFlo Pump 7L @ 20 psi



ShurFlo Pump 7L @ 30 psi



ShurFlo Pump 10L @ 40 psi



ShurFlo Pump 24V 10L @ 30 psi



A20 Expansion Tank  (Fiamma Anti-surge accumulator)


Regrettably - PosiFlo branded pumps are no longer available ...


Whale Premium Submersible 11.75L/min at 1m  12v

The lower amperage version. Aquaroll external pump - ideally



Budget Submersible Pump 12v for Aquaroll



Quality Reich twin motor submersible pump with built-in NR valve.  12v 55w 19L/min 1.4bar (20psi)  (needs ~80mm dia access).  Also seen as Movera etc as in our own Hymer, great delivery, needs decent cables.



Reich in-line booster pump. 12v 15L/min 0.5bar <20w



Reich in-line Non-return Valve 10/12mm hose



Reich Pressure Switch 0.4bar trigger 10/12mm hose



Easy 12v Submersible Pump 14L/min & 0.5bar. CE



Comet 'Elegant' 12v Submersible Pump 8L/min (38dia)  Good quality but basic submersible pump.



Comet 'VIP Plus' 12v Submersible Pump 20L/min (48dia) Also used in some Thetford toilets we believe.



Comet 'VIP Plus' Kit  12v Submersible Pump 20L/min including 1.5m Cable + Plug Assembly.   (Pump 48dia).
Also used in some Thetford toilets we believe.



Express & Europe Delivery Options


Next Working Day Extra for UK Mainland Excl Highlands



Highlands Delivery Supplement ~25Kg single pack under 1.5m to IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE postcodes e.g.  - an additional -



For N-Coded products only!  No others!

Europe / Ireland C for single pack Max ~25Kg & 1.5m. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.



NB: For delivery into Europe you must add-to-cart the Europe Option


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