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News:  Dometic announce their intention to harmonise their many brands and products under their single revised Dometic Brand.  Waeco - Smev - Fantastic - Seitz - Heki - Cramer - all now become Dometic brand products. Some rebadged products were on show at the NEC 2017 Show using the new logo above left. It is likely we'll see further new branding on some older products plus some product revisions and maybe some completely new Dometic products introduced during 2017 / 2018. 

NB April 2018:  All Waeco-Dometic are now on longer leads times for us and also prices have gone up - so not all below will be current. The Outwell coolers & portable fridge-freezers are however readily available.

Dometic-Waeco Coolers, 12v Chest Fridges & Freezers: 
Some also use 230v but see our 230/12v adapters too.  

High Performance Mobile Refrigeration from Dometic-Waeco & EcoCool:  Waeco's high efficiency compressor fridges for life on the move bring high spec cooling - from fridge temperatures right down to 3-star freezer, all without caning your battery! Many are 12/24v DC and 100-240v AC too.

Coolmatic portable compressor freezer / refrigerator right:  These are truly great mains electric but portable compressor products capable of giving a full compartment deep freeze (-15C) from 220-240v power!  Compressor cooling units have some useful and unique characteristics compared with other 'normal' camping fridges including low power consumption.

Waeco International:  Now part of the mighty Dometic empire. They were described as: Europe‘s largest manufacturer of 12 and 24 volt DC equipment and an ISO9001 approved manufacturer with 4 plants in Germany, Italy, USA and China. Their speciality is low voltage products of exceptional quality and performance. Test winner "segeln".

What temperature should I choose for the freezer?  A comparison with domestic freezer star ratings is useful here.  * One star is -6C and is fine for making ice cubes and sufficiently cold to keep food for three or four days. ** Two stars is -12C and stores food for fifteen to twenty days. *** Three stars is -18C and will keep food safe for up to three months. **** Four stars is below -18C and means that the compartment provides the ideal conditions for freezing down fresh and pre-cooked foods. I'm told you need -24C for ice cream for sale. Slightly oddly a number of these portable units freeze to -15 so 2 stars.

Dometic-Waeco Coolfreeze CDF Ranges:  Super-compact compressor coolers with performance and handling qualities that will ensure you will rely on them for years to come. And both refrigeration and deep-freezing that are more or less independent of the ambient temperature. The NCDF range offer great thermal performance at entry level prices for compressor units while the NCFs add the extra sophistication of soft start electronics and solar compatibility.  11 to 35L capacity in a compact cabinet that fits where others won’t. Energy saver: CDF-18 has short running times with reinforced insulation, the compressor has integrated control electronics, low-voltage protection adjustable for different batteries, electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection, dynamically ventilated wire tube condenser, aluminium rollbond evaporator and more.

Dometic-Waeco Coolfreeze CF Range:  High-tech coolers. Unbeatable and remarkable performance in all mobile applications with excellent cooling and deep-freezing to -18C even at extreme ambient temperatures. Compact dimensions, energy-saving and quiet operation. Available in sizes from ~30 to more than 100 litres, for 12/24 volts DC and 100 – 240 volts AC. Fully hermetic Danfoss BD35F compressor with integrated control electronics, low voltage protection adjustable for consumer and starter battery via electronic system, electronic fuse/automatic reverse pole protection, dynamically ventilated wire tube condenser, aluminium rollbond evaporator. CF special electronics with soft start and turbo cooler. Solar compatible too. Gentle on your battery the CF-35 barely takes amp per hour at a typical fridge temperature of 5C and external temperature of 30C. Not exactly cheap but those in the know say "worth every penny"!  CF35 12-24-230V Data sheet  Slowly gaining some even cooler CFX brothers, the NCFX-40 we stock offers -22C performance and an A++ energy rating along with temperature memory function and even USB charging outlet!

NB: These units deep freeze the whole main compartment not just a small ice box!!

Dometic-Waeco Coolmatic CD-30 Drawer Fridge:  30 litre drawer fridge, 12/24v DC, Auto voltage recognition, Temperature range -2C to +12C (a typical home fridge runs at 4-6) Minimal energy consumption, Uses the latest extremely quiet compressor technology. Sturdy metal casing with injection moulded drawer components. Where space is confined, the rear cooling unit can be fitted to the side of the cooler or up to 1.5 m away. Great addition for smaller conversions or to expand existing refrigeration. Perfect external drinks store & server too - may even go into double floors.  White fronted version available too. 250mm high, ~18kg approx.

Also in the Cool Matic range, four 12-24v Built-in Compressor Refrigerators right with low average power consumption, example pictured right. Typically consuming 40w average and only 48w for the big 80L version. Stainless steel finish. These are premium quality products for use independently of gas, very popular on boats and in van conversions.

Pictured above left the Dometic-Waeco EPS817 230v to 12v adapter with integrated Lighter Socket, ideal for powering fridges, etc. There is a similar but cheaper unit from Coleman on our Igloo page.

See the Waeco portable refrigeration pages at (click for new window).

Delivery:  Most coolers are normally available from stock, the 230v adaptor takes just a few days but the optional covers are only available with a cooler order at the moment and delivery may follow a bit later.

ECO-Cool from Outwell: Not Waeco but logical here and to buy much lower down this page:  Portable Compressor Fridge-Freezer pictured left and Eco-Cool right. Using different technology Eco-Cool are highly rated within their class and cooling 20 degrees below ambient. Features according to Outwell are:   EEI Classified ECO cooler   Both 12V and 230V   Inside icepack divider   Energy saving   Optimal ventilation performance   EEI Classified ECO cooler, latest technology used for saving energy, PU insulated for best performance, designed to comply with European ECO legislation. Hidden and protected cable entry, fold flat handle, cooling and heating function, cools 18-25 degrees celcius below outside temperature. Warms 50-60 degrees celcius. Can be used with either 12V or 230V, energy saving, variable handle position.Variable handle position   Two functions: ECOcool / max   Latest technology used for saving energy   PU Insulated for best performance   Designed to comply with European ECO legislation   Hidden and protected cable entry   Fold flat handle   Cooling plus heating function   Cools 18-25C below outside temperature   Warms 50-60C. Note: These are excellent budget items but very different animals to the exceptionally powerful & efficient, thermostatically controlled Deep Cool products for -18 to +10 That's 3* Freezer spec!,  Buy Below >>>

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