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  Telair Silent Air-conditioning    

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New models 5400H 7400H 8400H available now, more details soon, buy below.

Low Profile 230V Air Conditioners:  These monobloc roof mounted aircon units are finding great favour in motorhomes. Highly rated for both performance and energy efficiency with low noise levels to boot. Their highly efficient heat pump design gives exceptional levels of cooling or heating for a very modest power input. 2.3Kw of heating or 2.1Kw of cooling are achieved with less than 1Kw of input! Combined with their low profile and aerodynamic shape for better fuel consumption their design makes them exceptionally fuel efficient - for both diesel and 230V! These units are designed so that they can also be used on the move - via a suitable 12v to 230v inverter of course.  Buy Below >>>

Telair's own description:  230 Volt Automatic Air Conditioner with Heat Pump: Monoblock conditioners specially designed to be installed on the roofs of medium to large sized motorhome and caravans. Special care has been taken to ensure • Low Noise both inside and outside • High-Efficiency Heat Pump heating supplies 2.3 kW heating power with only 0.98 kW consumption. The heat pump is effective for outside temperatures down to -2C; (below this temperature, its efficiency is considerably reduced) • Automatic Control: By actuating the Auto function, the air conditioner selects the most suitable ventilation speed and the cooling or heating function automatically • Remote Control - all functions can be performed via the hand held remote control • Anti-ice protection probes • Internal Filters - can be easily changed and washed • Suitable for roofs 30 -70mm thick.

New models for 2016: Revised designs offering 3-speed plus auto, low noise, and high efficiency with low 'average absorbed energy' mostly of just 3 or 4 amps. Remember though the brief but high start up current of maybe 15-18A, see table below. See also Or Download the latest Telair 2016 PDF Brochure by clicking here - opens in new window/tab

230V Models - 7300H & 12000H:  The 7300 model is suitable for medium to medium-large sized campers with 2.1 KW (7,200 BTU) of cooling power all in a compact package only 21.5x98x65 above roof and 6.3x52.3x51 inside. The silent 12000H is aimed at larger motorhomes with 3.15KW (10,950 BTU) of cooling but still in a very compact 21x101x61.5 package, 7x49x50 inside. Both models are equipped with an efficient heat-pump heater. Both have improved air flow over previous models and the 7300 also has a lower start-up current and a slightly lower weight than previously. NB: It is often best to install two or more medium units rather than one large one so starting with the 'normal' 7300 in the main cooling zone is a good idea. Should you need more you can later add another in the secondary cooling area. Great value!  Buy Below >>>

Telair Aircon Brochure:  View PDF in new window by clicking here (1.2Mb).  Get Acrobat reader here.
Brochure contains clear dimensioned pictures too - all very useful.




Heating power

Vent speeds

Power supply

Average current

Starting current

Inlet power

Max air flow rate



5800 BTU

1.70 KW

5900 BTU

1.75 KW



2.8/3.2 A

15 A (0,15s)

650/690 W

300 m3/h

34 Kg


7500 BTU

2.20 KW

7700 BTU

2.3 KW



4,2/4.5 A

18 A (0,15s)

900/980 W

420 m3/h

34 Kg


8400 BTU

2.46 KW

8500 BTU

2.5 KW



4,2/4.5 A

18 A (0,15s)

900/920 W

450 m3/h

34 Kg


10500 BTU

3.10 W

10900 BTU




6,9/7.2 A

27A (0.15s)

1520/1600 W

480 m3/h

39 Kg

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Telair Silent Air-conditioners   Download brochure on link above


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Telair Silent - 5400H 

New size conveniently under the 7400H  (Vehicle 5-6m)



Telair Silent - 7400H 

Successor to the popular 7300H  (Vehicle 6-7m)



Telair Silent - 8400H 

Successor to the popular 7300H  (Vehicle 6-7m)



Telair DualClima - 8400H  Efficient & Sleek

8400Btu/H on just a tad over 4Amps! Heating too.
PDF manual available to email enquirers. (Veh 6.5-8m)



Telair DualClima - 12400H


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