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NEW 8800 series now available:  Fantastic new product with huge possibilities. The key feature of the design is the split into mini combis and mini hobs of equal size so they can be used in ones, twos, or even threes or fours, to create really stylish and versatile kitchen-top designs for all sizes of motorhome. The two basic units are available in either LH or RH versions making four in all for the UK as pictured right. Just to be clear 'L' or 'R' refers to the sink position on the combi or the main burner position on the hob. So pictured bottom are 8821L & 8862R. Hobs discontinued for 2014 - combo units till popular though.

Smev claim that many thousands of variants are possible but even talking a simpler view there are certainly dozens of In-line, L-shaped, Back-to-back and Island possibilities here using left and right versions and combinations for everything from a mini-camper through to a 40 foot RV!  No grill is included, you are expected to use the one in the oven. Fabulous product set to be seen in many new motorhomes from now on! Download a Smev layouts leaflet to inspire you Buy Below >>> (PgDn)

SMEV Ovens, Cookers, Hobs and Grills:  An industry standard now, the quality and performance of the SMEV range is legendary - SMEV were one of the first companies to fit flame failure devices for example. The product of choice for many top motorhome builders.  Our stock selection is full caravanning specification and all are in stainless steel. Grill Pans are supplied with the 1262 hob, 211 & 311 ovens, 555 mini grill & 400/401/433 cookers. Seals supplied where needed. Enamel finish is also available but not UK stocked so you would need to allow 6-8 weeks delivery for those, email us if that's what you require and see for more product details. Check out the new Moonlight Cooker pictured far right everything you need in one compact modern unit. As with all Smev very little is supplied in the way of instructions, like their brochures a few pictograms is all you get!  But we do have drawings of the oven cabinet installation dimensions as a PDF, just click here to view the oven installation drawings in a new window or right click to 'save target as' to disk. Buy Below >>>

Ovens:  There are several versions of the dometic-Smev Ovens, ours are the version with plain drop down glass front (not SS Oval), without an internal rotary device, for the 311 it is Dometic part number 9103303623.

Our View:  Ideal for both self-build and retro-fit upgrades and refurbishments. Very practical in stainless steel - which always comes up bright and with no chips or cracks to repair!  The smaller 211 oven/grills and 555 mini-grills are especially popular for upgrading imported motorhomes supplied with just a two burner hob in the kitchen.  The matching dark glass-lidded flush fitting hobs and sinks are also very popular products both as original equipment for self-builders and as upgrades to existing installations. See for the full product range (well almost the full range!)  Click here for a Smev pdf mini-brochure.


Sample illustrations include the 311 & 211 ovens, the 3000/4000 series hobs & the 1000, 2000 & 8000 series hobs (hover your mouse over the pictures to see the descriptions). For the UK market the 3/4000 hobs are supplied with grills. Also see the table below for details of included grill, e-ignition, thermostat, etc. Other SS items may be available to order so email us if you don't see the item you want but do note that 8 or more weeks is quite normal for specials!  Stock items usually delivered in 2 days Buy Below >>          

Colours:  As of 2010 the only aftermarket finishes are Stainless Steel (Inox) and White.
Only Stainless finish is stocked.  Also few only Cramer Ovens as right.

Spare Parts?  The Dometic Group now includes Smev, Cramer, Seitz & Waeco and all Dometic Group UK spare parts are now available through Leisure Spares Ltd.  - see Dometic Customer Support - Spares

Ireland / Offshore/Europe?  -  Mostly No Sorry.
We cannot ship most Smev outside mainland UK but the few Nxxxxx coded items can be 'exported'

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Igenix 700W Microwave Oven:  This great value Igenix 700w compact microwave is ideal for use on modest hook-ups and for mobile use via an inverter. Brief description is given as Microwave output 700W, 17 litres oven capacity, 5 power levels plus defrost, 30mins timer, Glass turntable, Cavity dimensions 198mm H x 315mm W x 294mm D, Outer dimensions 262mm H x 452mm W x 335mm D. (Not smev). If running via an inverter you'll need to cover 1200W as total input, we'd recommend the 1500W Sunshine Inverter for this.  Buy Below >>>

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SMEV Cooking Products in Stainless Steel

Ireland / Offshore?  -  Sorry No  -  We cannot ship Smev outside mainland UK.




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Microwave  700w mains unit   non-Smev 

Part No:



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Igenix 17L Microwave  700w Output 220-240v
Officially 260Hx440x335mm approx. Works on a French 6A supply.  Low power suits inverters. Small carriage addition



Part No:



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Sikaflex 221 300ml for mastic gun - Delivered price
The Indoor Food Grade PU Adhesive/sealant for motorhome use. Ideal for kitchen use in contact with food



Sikaflex 512 300ml for mastic gun - Delivered price
Outdoor PU structural Adhesive-Sealant for motorhomes


Hobs   (Smev also use FO/PI/MO etc as a prefix rather than OS - same products though)

Part No:



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2232 2-burner Hob only in stainless steel with electric ignition.  Model 22320000  380 x 280 mm



8022 2-burner Hob & Glass Lid* in stainless steel with e-ignition.  Recessed controls recessed fit with rubber seal, waste not included.  480 x 370 x 80mm



Spare Glass Lid for 8022  Limited availability



8023 3-burner Hob & Glass Lid * in stainless steel with e-ignition.  Model 80230000  560 x 440 mm



Spare Glass Lid for 8023  Limited availability


* matching sink units available on our SMEV Sinks page

Ovens / Grills / Cooker  -  Dimensions exclude handle
(Smev also use FO/PI/MO etc as a prefix rather than OS - same products though)

Part No:



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Info: These products are for mainland UK only, see much further below for Nxxxxx ovens for Europe.



311GT Oven 9103303623 - 30L Build-in Oven & Grill, with drop-down glass door, thermostat, oven lamp, and e -ignition. 1.2KW Oven 1.6KW Grill. Chimney connection. Size 530xx430x415mm WHD. Built-in dim: 500mm x 410mm x 460mm D. Build-in drawing available.  FO311I00GT00000 Supplies can be erratic, see below for alternative when this one is unavailable or if you need export.



311 Oven Shelf as Spare Part.  2600005



Complete 311 Oven Door Assy as Spare Part. 'Glass'/SS  RIC258 Still O/S and in short supply since their factory fire




211GT Oven - 20L Mini Oven & Grill, drop-down door, thermostat, grillpan, oven lamp, & e-safety ignition. 1.2KW Oven 1.6KW Grill. Chimney connection. 530x410x310h  Built-in dimensions:504mm W x 283mm H x 460mm D. Build-in drawing available.  FO211I00GT00000   



555 Grill - Mini Grill with drop down door, oven lamp, grillpan, & ign in Stainless.  485x410x240h  Dwg available



401 Cooker 4-Burner Height Cooker, e-ign, crystal lid, oven lamp & grill pan. (401I0040) LH hinge  484x514x590h

Delivered on a pallet, add to cart to see ~30 mainland cost



433 Oven Moonlight 30L Oven & Grill with 3-Burners  Height Cooker incl light. 496 x x 441 x 462h 21Kg. Electronic 12v Ignition. Gas/LPG 30mbar. Oven 1.2 kW 87 g/h. Grill 1.6 kW 116 g/h. Hob 1 x 2.2 kW, 1 x 1.8 kW, 1 x 1.0kW up to 364 g/h. NB: Our product is the 'RV' version with glass lid.



700 Grill Pan as supplied with the 1262 hob, 211 & 311 ovens, 555 mini grill, 400/401 cooker and 9021 & 6074

NB: This is a loose grill pan with handle, it is not the drip tray grilling assembly supplied with the rotisserie option!


The Nxxxxx ovens just below can be sent to Europe, others not.  See above for the UK only range.


Often available

SMEV FO311GT 30L  9103303623

Smev Oven and Grill, 12V Ignition, Output = 1.2KW (oven) 1.6KW (grill), Oven Capacity: 30L, Thermostat, Interior light, Electronic 12-volt ignition, safety ignition system, grill, bottom hinged door, chimney connection, rotary plate, multi-layered glass door with safety locking, Weight: 19.5KG  Dimensions 530x430x415mm D, Built-in dims:500x410x460mm D. Can Export add 'Europe'



Often available

SMEV FO211GT 20L  9103303627 

Smev Oven and Grill, 12V Ignition, Output = 1.2KW (oven)1.6KW (grill), Oven capacity: 20L, Thermostat, Interior light, Electronic 12-volt ignition, safety ignition system, grill, bottom hinged door, chimney connection, rotary plate, multi-layered glass door with safety locking, Weight: 13.2KG Dimensions 530 x 310 x 410mm D, Built in dimensions : 504 x 283 x 460mm D.  Can Export add 'Europe'



Often available

SMEV FO555 Mini Grill  9102300097 

Smev mini grill with interior light and Piezo ignition, Stainless Steel, Thermostat, Dimensions: 240mm H x 485mm W x410mm D, Black glass door, Bottom hinged door. Built in dimensions:  Can Export add 'Europe'



Europe / Ireland D for single pack Max 25-30Kg and 1.5m long. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.

Applies to N32648 & N32812 only, others are not 'exported'.


The Nxxxxx ovens above can be sent to Europe, others cannot.

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