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Temporarily unavailable - sorry aims to maintain our long term principles by offering European style prices and good customer service. We believe we've constructed an easy to use shop with very good product information and a sensible low cost shopping cart and check-out experience to help keep our prices low. What really matters though is what you think of it all in practice.  Please do let us know, every feedback form will be read in detail - and acted upon wherever appropriate.

There is a separate feedback form for product - found under the same FAQs menu.


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We are really interested in your experience of our shop and checkout and also the PayPal payment process - so we would really appreciate any feedback you might give us here. All selections are entirely optional but we would appreciate a genuine email address so that we might contact you if we don't understand the issue - rest assured it will not be used for any other purpose - but you can also opt out of return contact if you wish to.

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