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  Self Energy EG20  -  for electrical independence!  (EcoEnergy)    

Now owned by Teleco / Telair and their revised EcoEnergy range is supplied & fitted by companies like Conrad Anderson, Outdoor Bits, etc.  For more info on the revised range click to see this Teleco Page.

What is it?  The Self-energy is a remarkable new product powered by the motorhome's on board gas supply (LPG, Propane, Calor gas, etc). Once installed in your motorhome it provides a 20A charge whenever the leisure battery needs it and wherever you may be. Operation is fully automatic, you don't have to get out in the rain and start it!  There are sensible over-rides too so it won't start up at 3am and disturb your nights sleep or your neighbour's! In practice this means no more battery worries for motorcaravanners, no more TV drop outs in the middle of the kid's (dad's?) favourite program, no more flat batteries, freedom to use multiple appliances, lights, inverters, computers, and so on.  Buy Below >>>

How does it work?  Simple - at least in principle - when the battery drops to 11.9V the electronic control module starts the Self-Energy automatically and provides up to 20A of charge, which is quite a bit more than you normally get on hook-up. Once the battery reaches full charge the EG20 cuts out again. The unit provides a fuller charge than normal battery chargers so your charged battery will last longer before the unit kicks in again. Magic? Well no, just think of it as a small LPG powered motor driving a 'dynamo' which outputs 20A, add some control electronics and you have this brilliant product.  Buy Below >>>

Is it quiet?  Yes, 51DB at 7M, that's quieter than the famed Honda genny, about the sound of a boiling kettle in fact. At demonstrations it's hard to hear the motor at all with a few people milling around. Inside the motorhome you almost feel the motor rather than hear it - it's a distant 'purr'. To make sure you don't disturb anyone at dead of night the unit has an on/off over-ride and so fully complies with campsite rules about using generators within restricted hours.  Buy Below >>>


  • Almost silent, 51db at 7M.

  • Self regulating, self starting. User over-ride.

  • Enables user to power many appliances simultaneously.

  • Very light for a genny - only 19Kg, so little impact on payload.

  • Possible to use high power mains appliances via an inverter - because the battery is used for high power drain or start up surges and is automatically restored as needed by the Self-energy.

  • Works under extreme conditions, -25 to +50 degrees, ideal for skiers and intrepid explorers!

  • Low maintenance - oil top up typically at annual service

  • Can operate on inclines up to 17% (steeper than 1:6).

  • Supplies up to 20A of current and charges to a full 14.5V.

  • LPG Consumption 0.27Kg/h working.

  • Mounting cradle, switch and control module supplied with EG20.

  • Warm air is generated too and this can be routed to warm vulnerable items in externally vented areas, like drain valves, gas lockers, externally mounted tanks, etc. Warm air ducting is an optional extra.

  • Ideally installed by qualified technicians but DIY is possible for those with the right skills.
    Note we can arrange installation at participating workshops and can arrange mobile fitters too.

  • Established Italian manufacturer and UK backup. Gasperini were established in 1960, have ISO9001:2000, etc. Established UK importer plus workshops & technicians in small UK network.

Costs?  Naturally enough costs can vary according to the installation and each motorhome can be surprisingly different due to variations in chassis and in the already installed equipment. The Evolution kit itself works out at 2,295 and professional installation might be 500 with assorted hose etc as extras. Feel free to ask questions and discuss possibilities with us.   

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Gasperini EG20 - Now Teleco/Telair EcoEnergy

EcoEnergy Gas generators TG 480 - TG 480 MEF - TG 600 MEF


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Now supplied in UK via Conrad Anderson



Self Energy EG20 Evolution Kit - Full



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