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  Safari-Room / Safari-Residence  Measurements    

Getting the Right Quote and Product:  Not surprisingly a good fit can only result from knowing the right measurements and since every installation is just that little bit different we have to ask you to get your tape measure out and do some careful measuring for us. We recommend using a steel tape. If you can give us the bar code number as described below you'll usually only need to measure the mounted heights!  Please Note: Standard dimensions are not the fabric sizes.

One of the more important dimensions is the 'mounted height' on the vehicle (A).  To standardise measurement this is defined as the height from level ground to the underside of the mounted awning casing.  This is with the 'van notionally empty but just tell us if you had to measure "laden".  Perhaps surprisingly awnings are not always mounted level although they may look it - so just in case you have a motorhome that sits lower at the front please measure the heights at each end (i.e. towards the front and towards the back of the vehicle) and then of course please also tell us if you often raise the front on ramps on site to make it level? 

The front rail height can also be important to make sure that your 'caravan' door opens without catching on the canopy. There are standard heights of 1.85m and 2.05m for this but specials can be made too. If you can measure the front rail height this will ensure all is well. This is from ground to the underside of the front rail with legs set to just allow the door to open freely.

Fortunately we can work out the exact model, its length, projection, colour, and even age from the long number found on the barcode label inside the awning casing, this is usually on the back wall as shown in our picture, so this is often the best way to give us all the information we need except the heights.

If the barcode isn't available for some reason then it's back to the measuring tape. The awning length (L) is the overall casing length. The 'projection' (B) is important and is the overall measurement from the vehicle wall to the front of the extended casing, or front rail as it is known. Note that this is out along the top of the awning not out at right angles to the 'van!  For many models this extension is part of the specification so is already known as long as the model number or barcode is known.  The rise (H) is not usually required but we can work it out for you if the front height is also given. 

All this can be a little confusing so we have created a form here that you can fill in on-line to give us all we need to know to quote or to supply just the right product!  You can of course print it off too to take along with your tape measure to your motorhome!

Not all questions apply equally to everyone so just leave blank any that don't apply but note that everyone needs to fill in the fields marked as mandatory - those with a *.

If you want to print just the form and have a later browser that supports page breaks just print page 2.



Safari-Room Measurements


 Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.


I have measured my installed awning and the details are as follows:

My Name *


My Email *


Please make sure this is absolutely correct!

My Phone no *


In case of email problems!

NB: If you routinely need to level your van on chocks - the front and rear heights will be different!

Mounted Height at Rear  *

   (A).   Nb Height = Ground to Bottom of casing.

Mounted Height at Front  *

   (A).   or  Same (Tick = Same as Rear ** )

Front Rail Height


Ground to the underside of the front rail with the legs set to just allow the door to open freely.

I measured in *

British units (feet/inches)    Metric Units (metres/cm/mm)

Vehicle Details & Year


Awning Bar Code


If you can give this then the only other dimensions we need are the heights ... please comment on curtains etc though.

Awning model
 (e.g. 5002, 5800, etc.) 

   Only if known, please don't guess!

Awning Colour

 (to view samples see
 the colour sample page)

03 - Blue Sky
04 - Alaska Grey
10 - Grey Horizontal
18 - Bahamas Turquoise  
19 - Jamaica Brown     

20 - Miami Grey
21 - Orlando Grey/Red
22 - Uni Grey
26 - Green Horizontal
27 - Curacao Blue

Curtains Required?

None   3 Blue   4 Blue   3 Grey   4 Grey

   (4 Curtains are only required for lengths of 5m, 5.5m, 6m).

Awning Length (L)

1.90    2.30    2.60    3.00    3.50    3.75
4.00    4.50    5.00    5.50    6.00    6.30

Overall Projection (B)


 It helps to measure this - but it is not always essential

Measured Empty?

Laden   Empty

Routinely Levelled?

Yes      No       (See note under mounted height)

Special requirements
if already known.

Most people don't need these.

Different Door Position    Different Window Position
Less Windows   Special Requirements for H and/or H2
Other - please explain below


Any other comments
and/or queries?



  If you have queries please email us.


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