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Sorry all gone:  Proven products from long established German manufacturer Hindermann

Hindermann Motorhome Covers:  In two versions, one for coachbuilt motorhomes - a-class and c-class - and one for larger van conversions - pvc and larger campervans. Each in two sizes.

These Premium Motorhome Covers designed for coachbuilt vehicles, as right, are constructed from breathable 3 ply sfs-3 nonwoven material, making them strong yet also lightweight. And with the benefit of having zipped side panels on both sides of the vehicle, these covers not only give great protection to your motorhome & graphics but also offer easy access to your motorhome if needed.

The Hindermann Premium Van Cover left is made to exactly the same specification as the motorhome covers above, just tailored to fit the different body style.

Even with just two sizes in each range it is perfectly possible to get a decent fit using the tensioners provided. Over-cabs (Luton cab) are always a bit more difficult but definitely still do-able as long as you don't get a cover that is too small. Absolutely ideal for both A-class and Low Profile C-class.

Hindermann Bike Covers: Right. With a thicker grade material than most this bike cover is constructed from a polyester fabric with a PU-Coating making it hard wearing yet staying flexible in cold temperatures. Including reflective strips, pocket to house a warning signal and elasticated straps all as standard. A Premium version uses zips rather than velcro, giving an extra touch of quality & ease of use.

Hindermann Wheel Covers:  Tyres are surprisingly vulnerable to the effects of sunlight and these stationary wheel covers made from high quality pvc help keep your wheels protected from dirt and uv light when laid up for the winter. Especially useful when the vehicle has one side facing the sun's arc for long periods - as is often the case with winter lay-ups. Available in 15" and 16" and in a tandem version.

Not aware of Hindermann?  We sell their screen covers too - excellent reputation. You can see more about them and their products here  Not all their products are imported into the UK as yet but the range is growing year on year.

Wheel trims? - see here for the Parma Light Commercial Wheel Trims in 15" & 16" Chrome or Silver

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Hindermann Standard 2-3 Bike Cover

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Hindermann Standard 4 Bike Cover

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Hindermann Premium 2-3 Bike Cover

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Hindermann Premium 4 Bike Cover

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Hindermann Premium 2 e-Bike Cover


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Hindermann Motorhome Cover to 710cm 

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Hindermann Van Cover to 710cm 

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Hindermann 15" Wheel Covers



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