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  Leisure Batteries - designed for Marine & Recreation use    

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Carriage on these lead-acid batteries as below but Collection is possible from North Warks warehouse

New Victron Energy AGM Batteries:  Designed  by the renowned Victron Energy Company especially for those looking for something rather better than normal. They say AGM batteries are more suitable for short-time delivery of high / very high currents (inverter use and engine starting) than gel batteries. Because of the use of lead calcium grids and high purity materials these batteries can be stored during long periods of time without recharge. The rate of self-discharge is less than 2% per month at 20C. The Totally Maintenance Free 110Ah version (20 Hour Rate) features, Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 800, Cyclic Capacity 900 cycles @ 30% Dod, 400 cycles @ 50% Dod, 200 cycles @ 100% Dod, M8 drilled, flat copper terminals ensuring best possible connection contact and eliminating the need for normal battery terminals. 220mm(H) x 171mm(W) x 330mm(D) 32Kg. Do note these batteries have flat M8 bolt on terminals for best performance not the clamp on post type. The similar 220Ahr version (20hr rate) offers a CCA of 1400 in 240mm(H) x 238mm(W) x 522mm(D) & 65Kg  6v deep cycle monobloc, 2200 XC. Dimensions (H x W x D): 260mm x 270 x 180mm Weight: 28kg Connections Type: Dual terminal - tapered post plus M8 studs. Capacity: 232 Ah @ C20

12v deep cycle monobloc. Dimensions (H x W x D): 280mm x 350 x 180mm Weight: 35kg Connections Type: M8 threaded studs Capacity: 155 Ah @ C20Monobloc Traction batteries: The 6v version are quite heavy as a pair wired in series to give the needed 12v but offering massive 232Ah deep-cycling capacity for those who need it and can take the weight within their free payload!  when we can get it - now a 12v 155Ahr too.

Squadron Energy & Platinum Batteries:  Squadron themselves are no longer with us so Energy batteries are no more. Many of the original Energy batteries were made available through another supplier as 'Platinum' but ongoing supply chain problems and price rises mean we've now discontinued these (along with many other retailers). We're now pleased to offer the excellent range of Lucas / Numax batteries as pictured right and described below. The popular Squadron SFL110 can be replaced by our AVB112.

New AHr Ratings C20:  A note about published battery capacities.  Standards for testing battery capacity were revised recently and as a result some batteries have been 'downgraded'. Nothing about the battery has actually changed but the labelling is different - so the old Squadron SFL110 is replaced by the Lucas CXV96 - more or less identical performance and size but very different label! The three Ah ratings you may see are measured when discharged over 5, 20 and 100 hours, their labels are abbreviated to 'C5', 'C20', 'C100'. All our batteries are quoted at the 20 hour rate 'C20' which is the current recommendation for retail. You may see elsewhere descriptions like 110/130Ahr and those twin figures refer to the C20 and C100 ratings, this battery would be the same as our 110 - not superior to it!  Label example left is from a well labelled battery.

A word of caution:  Because leisure batteries situated in the living areas of motorhomes are in an enclosed space, and because under some circumstances escaping charge gasses can explode, all camper batteries should be totally sealed or be vented to the outside or have special flame arresting vents. This is one of the reasons that GEL are favoured by manufacturers because most are properly and totally sealed - as also are our AGM range below. Unfortunately the term 'sealed' doesn't always mean what we think it means - persistent enquiries about several budget 'sealed' batteries on the internet produced responses along the lines of "Thank you for your enquiry. It is sealed only in the sense that the battery cannot be topped up ... this battery must be fitted in a vented space". This is also true of our budget SFL range which are only 'sealed' in the maintenance sense. Anyway - do beware when purchasing, not everyone really knows what their 'sealed' means but we do and we're honest about it too!  Our AGM left And GEL ranges below right are fully sealed "to 180", so you can even use them on their sides, very handy under seats etc! 

Some Lucas now discontinued by our distributor, the related Albion batteries still available as below
Lucas Batteries - Leisure / Marine / Supreme:
 World renowned brand offering original equipment (OE/OEM) quality standards, giving assurance that the batteries will not let the customer down. Batteries are manufactured on the same equipment as OE batteries and use the same components to give a consistent quality and performance. Calcium technology is used on these leisure ranges for best performance. Twin battery posts are fitted to the 'Supreme' XV & LX range as illustrated top right. we're told the accessory post is 5/16'' - 18. You  can have confidence in the highly regarded Lucas brand and UK-wide coverage ensures the customer is never far from help if he does break down.  Buy Below >>>

Part No


AH C20



Dimensions LWH

Wt Kg


Albion FLA100 (sealed)




302 x 172 x 225



Albion M135 (flooded)




346 x 175 x 289



Albion LX24MF (SFL86)




257 x 172 x 220



Albion LX27MF (SFL96)




302 x 172 x 220



Albion LX31MF (SFL110)




330 x 172 x 242



Albion LX35MF (SFL120)



330 x 172 x 242



Lucas LSLC85 AGM85




260 x 168 x 233



Lucas LSLC120 AGM120




409 x 171 x 224



Lucas LSLC160 AGM160




341 x 173 x 308



Lucas LSLC200 AGM200




522 x 238 x 218



Lucas LSLC250 AGM250




522 x 269 x 220



Lucas LSLG75 GEL75




260 x 168 x 233



Lucas LSLG104 GEL104




330 x 171 x 224



Lucas LSLG140 GEL140




342 x 172 x 280



Lucas LSLG180 GEL180




494 x 207 x 220



Lucas LSLG200 GEL200




522 x 238 x 220


VB-140 Lucas LSLG260 GEL260 250 n/a 500* 522 x 269 x 220 76.0

* cycles dependant on depth of discharge 

      Monobloc Battery info coming soon, batteries below.

Lucas SFL - AGM - GEL Leisure Batteries: Enhanced performance. OE or better spec, ISO 9001, Long life, Sealed & maintenance free. Calcium Technology.  Buy Below >>>

Also selected Lucas Starter and Albion Leisure listed below.

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Battery capacity versus discharge rate:  Here's some interesting data from Victron - useful to those of tyou working out a system with a big inverter in it! 

Battery discharging characteristics: The rated capacity of Victron AGM and Gel Deep Cycle batteries refers to 20 hour discharge, in other words: a discharge current of 0,05 C. The effective capacity decreases with increasing discharge current. Please note that the capacity reduction will be even faster in case of a constant power load, such as an inverter.

Discharge time
Hrs constant current

Voltage V
Cycle’ %
Cycle’ %


10.8 100 100


10.8 92 87


10.8 85 80


10.8 78 73


9.6 65 61


9.6 55 55


9.6 42 42

So, a 110AHr AGM battery that would normally yield 50-60% of that capacity without longer term damage will yield only about 40AHrs when powering a 2KW inverter!  (110 x 60% normal x 60% for discharge at less than the 1hr rate - and that assumes your inverter can tolerate <10v as final voltage). The golden rule here is: For big loads provide big capacity!  This increases the discharge time and boosts the safely available capacity for use. You can ignore all this of course and push the battery to its limits but the overall battery life will then be significantly reduced every time you do it.

Victron AGM deep cycle batteries have excellent high current performance and are therefore recommended for high current applications such as engine starting. Due to their construction, Gel batteries have a lower effective capacity at high discharge currents. On the other hand, Gel batteries have a longer service life, both under float and cycling conditions.  

Battery Selection:  These guides are from one of our earlier ranges but illustrate the different characteristics of the different battery types. The latest batteries may have a slightly different set of figures (usually improved) but all the general trends are the same.

Carriage - Please read!  Carriage of lead acid batteries is very expensive!  But Collection is possible from our North Warwickshire warehouse by pre-paid pre-arrangement.

There are special carriage arrangements for these acid based items which all have special delivery requirements - e.g. delivered on mini pallets via specialist carrier / special insurance, so do please note the higher carriage charges on these items - 30 per delivery for single or multiple batteries. There are additional carriage charges as below for Wales, SW & S England, N. England, Scottish lowlands, and for all London postcodes. Don't even ask about the eye-watering cost for Highlands, Ireland, NI, IoM, IoW, etc unless ordering quite a few as a single shipment. 

It actually costs us more than we charge here but we are pleased to subsidise to some extent to help out! 

Carriage-free Collection:  Collect from our warehouse, save on carriage, and get a few bob for your old battery, or batteries, as scrap!  This carriage-free collection from our midlands warehouse is by arrangement only and also pre-paid. Ring or email to arrange this with us and to get the carriage eliminated or refunded. 

Saving on carriage:  Save on multiples! For orders of multiples of the same battery the site will only charge a single standard 30 'battery carriage'. If you order mixed types - which is unusual - the site may automatically charge 30 for each type but we promise to promptly refund any excess to you. On these mixed orders you can for a deal If you prefer. Why not team up with friends to save money here? - All must be delivered to the same address of course to qualify for the delivery savings.  Buy Below >>>

Ireland & Islands? Sorry no, the cost to ship lead-acid batteries offshore & Ireland (N&S) is eye-watering!

All sizes quoted are overall boxed sizes.  This data is subject to change without notice.

See also our chargers page!   And 12v / vehicle / heavy duty wiring?

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Lucas - Numax Batteries  -  most now stocked but just a few larger ones take 7-10 days


Battery Boxes


Part No:

Description & Dimensions LxWxH


Add to Basket  

Discontinued, new range coming soon.


Battery box with strap & fixing brackets, 340x185x205mm



Battery box with strap & fixing brackets, 275x185x205mm



Battery Carriage Supplements - applies to all batteries for postcodes shown

Collection from our N. Warks warehouse is possible by  pre-arrangement & pre-payment.


Part No:



Add to Basket  


Additional carriage for delivery to London postcodes E, EC, N, NW, SE, SW, W, WC






Additional carriage for Wales, Rural Eng & Lowlands
CF31-37, 39-45, 61, 71, 72, DT, EX, LA, PL, TA, TQ, CA, LD, LL15+, SA, SY4-9 & 12 +, TR (ex 21-25), DD, G, PA1-19, PH1-14, DG, EH, FK, KA (ex KA27-28), KY, ML, TD


By Quote: AB, KW1-14, PH15, PA20-38, IV, KA28, PA41, KW15-17, HS, ZE, GY, JE, PO30-41 (IoW), IM


Lucas Starter Batteries


Part No:

Type: Lucas Premium CV


Add to Basket  


LP643 Starter  95Ah @ C20
Not designed for deep cycles. Positive terminal to the right* Dimensions: (H x W x D): 239mm x 346mm x 175mm



LP644 Starter  95Ah @ C20
Not designed for deep cycles. Positive terminal to the left* Dimensions: (H x W x D): 239mm x 346mm x 175mm


* when viewed with the terminals towards you



Albion Leisure Batteries


Part No:

Type: Albion Leisure Flooded (top-up type) Pos-left


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M85 Albion Leisure  85Ah @ C20   V. Popular item
Flooded 12v general purpose leisure / domestic battery that can be used for emergency engine starting. Cyclic life approx 300 cycles to 60% depth of discharge. Requires monthly electrolyte level check. Tapered post, standard layout, pos left, neg right*, viewed with posts at front
HxWxD 225 x 255 x 170mm 17 Kg 



M110 Albion Leisure  110Ah @ C20   V. Popular item
Flooded 12v general purpose leisure / domestic battery that can be used for emergency engine starting. Cyclic life approx 300 cycles to 60% depth of discharge. Requires monthly electrolyte level check. Tapered post, standard layout, pos left, neg right*, viewed with posts at front
HxWxD 230 x 350 x 175mm  26.3 Kg



M135 Albion Leisure  135Ah @ C20   V. Popular item
Flooded 12v general purpose leisure / domestic battery that can be used for emergency engine starting. Cyclic life approx 300 cycles to 60% depth of discharge. Requires monthly electrolyte level check. Tapered post, standard layout, pos left, neg right*, viewed with posts at front
HxWxD 289 x 346 x 175mm  42.5 Kg


* when viewed with the terminals towards you



Monobloc Deep Cycle Traction Batteries 12v & 6v  (6v used in Series in MHs)

Twin 6v offer massive deep-cycling capacity if you can find room for two of these and tolerate the weight!


Part No:

Type: Monobloc 6V (traction type used in series for 12v)


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US Battery 2200 XC  6v  Deep Cycle Monobloc, XC = Xtreme Capacity as used in Golf carts. 232 Ah @ C20 Dual terminal with tapered post plus M8 studs on diagonal layout.  HxWxD 260mm x 270 x 180mm 28kg



Lucas Monobloc VXC 12V  LT12, Deep Cycle Monobloc
Capacity:155 Ah @ C20  Connections Type: M8 threaded studs. Dimensions (HxWxD): 280 x 350 x 180mm  35kg



Lucas SFL  -  Sealed XV 12V Leisure & Marine Batteries at best prices.  NB Grey = O/stock

Quoted Ah are at the realistic 20 hour rate and all have 'layout 1' dual terminals & 3 year warranty

Big sellers in these hard times, trusted name, great value for quality product.


Part No:

Type: Lucas XV Supreme 3yr Warr ... Best Sellers ...


Add to Basket  


86Ah  Lucas / Albion LX24MF / LXV24MF / CXV86  SFL Battery  257x172x220



96/100Ah  Lucas / Albion LX27MF/LXV27MF / CXV96 SFL Battery  302x172x220  Popular.
(105 Ahr rated in 2009  Fits Squadron SFL110 space)



110Ah Lucas / Albion LX31MF / LXV31MF / CXV113  SFL Battery  330x172x242  Our Best Selling Lucas Leisure-Marine



120Ah Lucas / Albion LX35MF / LXV35MF  SFL Battery
330x172x242  Popular.



Victron & Lucas AGM  -  Totally Sealed Long Life Deep Cycle 12V Leisure with Glass Mat

Victron + Lucas possibly Numax depending on the supply position. C20 rates quoted

In our view the best longer-term choice for motorcaravanners, good performance, long life, good price.
A lower final voltage charging regime may be required - similar to GEL, most modern chargers are OK.


Part No:

Victron Energy AGM Type:


Add to Basket  


110Ah Victron AGM Leisure Battery with M8 Cu Posts
220mm(H) x 171mm(W) x 330mm(D) 32Kg



220Ah Victron AGM Leisure Battery with M8 Cu Posts 
240mm(H) x 238mm(W) x 522mm(D) & 65Kg


Info: The Lucas AGM and GEL we used to offer are no longer easy for us to obtain but we do now offer an excellent range of Adventurer Batteries including AGMs click link to get there now.


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