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  Grass & Ground Reinforcement for Motorhome Parking    

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Fleximas Grass & Ground Reinforcement Range:  Perfect for adding extra stability to unpaved ground used to store or site and of course move motorhomes. The Fleximas range of grass and ground reinforcement products is one of the widest available in the UK, enabling existing grass spaces to be utilised without causing rutting, sinking or smearing of the grass by a wide range of traffic. These meshes offer a relatively low cost method of utilising existing grass spaces for car parking and pedestrian access. Fleximas Grass Reinforcement products are used as part of sustainable urban drainage systems and are an ideal alternative to non-permeable solid surfaces which are expensive and also tend to lead to flash flood run-off, or indeed where the appearance of natural grass traffic routes and driveways is preferred. Our product selector chart below will give you a broad overview and we would be pleased to hear from you if you have any specific queries or issues. Please do also check out our 'brief guide to selecting a mesh' section below. NB: All the recommendations for rolled material are based on the use of u-pins / ground-pins to add strength. These are used in varying amounts depending on conditions and use but often about every metre. Some customers use pins obtained locally from builders merchants but we recommend using the Fleximas items of course.

Minimum order value for all Flexi is 75





Typical Application



Colours may vary from illustrations please see individual descriptions

Standard Grass
Reinforcement Mesh (Roll) 460g/m


• Pathways & Wheelchair access 
• Anti-ball plugging mesh
• Stabilisation of play mat
• Embankment reinforcement
• Chicken coups & runs
• Stop dogs digging


• New or old turf
• Soil to be seeded
• Minimum site preparation required
• Steel U-Pins (100/roll)

Premium Grass
Reinforcement Mesh (Roll)  650g/m


• Overflow car parks 
• Lawn reinforcement
• Heavy pedestrian traffic
• Caravans


• New or old turf
• Soil to be seeded
• Minimum site preparation required
• Steel U-Pins (150/roll)

Heavy Duty Grass
Reinforcement Mesh (Roll) 1250g/m


• Car parking, up to vans 
• Farm gateways
• Driveways
• Motorhomes


• New or old turf
• Soil to be seeded
• Minimum site preparation required
• Steel U-Pins (200/roll)

Ground Stabilisation
Mesh - Large (Roll) 1200g/m


• Support under play mats
• Embankment stabilisation
• Stabilisation of gateways
& farm tracks
• Mesh 47x47 (others possible)


• New or old turf
• Soil to be seeded
• Minimum site preparation required
• Steel U-Pins (150/roll)

(Tile 33cm square)


• Parking areas 
• Access for emergency vehicles
• Driveways & bridleways
• Farm gateways
• Green roof and rooftop gardens
• Construction sites

up to 250t

• A sub base and soil / sand and a layer of road stone are required for heavier duty applications. Geotextiles and firm ground possibly for lighter duty applications.

• Must be placed on secure ground.



Fire Engines

Artics, Trucks

• Ground support for pedestrians right up to lorries
• Confines soil, anti slope erosion
• Tree root protection
• Retaining Walls
• Channel Protection




• New or old turf.

• Please check to see what sub bases / roadstones / geotextiles are required as this varies per application.

• Metal Fixing Pins (1 every metre)

Rubber Safety Mat
(1.5 x 1.0m)


• Protects floor and equipment
• Absorbs shock and noise
• Safety surface for playgrounds


• Pegged, grass grows through.
• Minimum 4 pegs and ties per mat.

Practical information: A guide to choosing Mesh for Motorhome use:  I'd like to tell you there is a simple rule based on motorhome weight but regrettably it isn't like that. All ground-works depend on an assessment of the ground type and condition so we can only give you a guide. You can seek professional advice and doubtless they will give you good advice but with a fair degree of - costly - safety margin built in.

Questions an advisor might ask (without doing CBR checks) would include ... Has the ground been driven and walked on for many years and is well compacted? ... Is it a field that has been ploughed and just recently turned into a car park? ... Is the ground well drained? ... Is it on a slope with the ground damp in one area and dry in another? ... Is there a river that floods nearby? ... Is there a gateway that all the traffic funnels through? ... Is the traffic volume light or heavy or just occasional? ... What weight are the vehicles?  Inevitably then choosing a mesh depends on the answers to all those questions.

Guidance from an expert suggests ...
For a car standing alongside a caravan with ground that is medium to firm Premium Grass Reinforcement Code FM6322 may be suitable. For a motorhome on ground that is medium to firm the Heavy Duty Grass
Reinforcement Mesh FM5162 would be preferable. Going 'up a grade' or improving the sub-base is normal if the ground is softer of course.

The Heavy Duty Mesh is described as "a heavier duty HDPE grass protection mesh, with UV additive which has been produced specifically for protection of grassy areas from heavy duty traffic, such as trucks and cars. The mesh protects grass roots from damage and helps to prevent rutting. For successful use, it is essential that the grass is allowed to grow through the mesh before use to ensure that the surface is safe and strong. • Heavy Duty HDPE, UV stabilised and rot resistant • Grass grows through and intertwines with the mesh to create a strong surface • Natural appearance – the mesh becomes invisible once the grass has grown through • Suitable for overflow car parks, light aircraft runways, grass paths and caravan parks.

Conclusion?  For a motorhome start thinking around the Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh FM5162. Also remember that area counts so do lay a generous patch with wide trackways and do pin down with u-pins (right) according to the instructions.

Flexipave and Flexiweb are different - they are permeable 'pavers' that will grow grass and so are laid on a sub-base as with all pavers. The depth and nature of the sub-base decides the weight of vehicle that can be taken without the paver sinking - up to 250 tonnes - but again there is flexibility "if the ground is firm it  can be skimmed to the depth of the paver, a geotextile put down, and a small amount of topsoil put down with the pavers on top filled with soil & Grass seed/Turf or Stone" - a top notch motorhome solution.

FlexiPave is incredibly versatile: This interlocking ground and grass reinforcement product is successfully used in an enormous range of applications, including construction sites, green car parking areas, private lanes and access roads (including emergency access), pathways and drives, golf courses, landscapes, equestrian and livestock facilities, green roof and rooftop gardens, river and road embankments, private airfields to say nothing of motorhome parking, boat moorings and heli-pads!
• Quick and easy to install reducing on site costs (up to 100m2 /person/hour)
• Can be filled with many materials including grass seed, gravel, stones, earth and sand - permeable
• Lightweight, non slip, crack proof, frost and UV resistant with proven connection system
• Prevents gravel migration and is high strength (up to 250t/m2) with up to 16 tonne axle load
• Manufactured in the UK from 100% UK waste !  100% recyclable
• Used as a plinth under decking & sheds and can be used to create a French Drain under garden sheds,
  summerhouses and offices, fill with pea gravel to prevent soil debris & rain splash back from reaching timber
• Greenhouse soak-away.  Log Cabin base - add pea gravel to the Flexipave panels to create a secure base

Sizes: Most Mesh is available in whole rolls of 10m rolls in both 1m & 2m widths, these can be cut down to make two 5m strips (remember though that narrow strips have little load bearing capacity other than on firm ground). The mesh can be cut to size with a pair of secateurs or other heavy duty cutters. Flexipave is different - made up of 33cm interlocking tiles so ideally suited to odd shapes.

Carriage charges can vary, they will normally be as displayed in the shopping cart but some larger orders have to be sent on a pallet - we will advise prior to shipping if this is the case.

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Fleximas Ground & Grass Reinforcement Products

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Ground & Grass Reinforcement

Minimum order value for all Flexi is 75 - not usually a problem though for mesh + pins. 
Lower values are possible but carry carriage surcharges.    NB: Greyed-out items are under review

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150mm U-Pins Ground Pins  Pack of 100 
This item only supplied with mesh (carriage)

Essential to add strength - do not lay without pins!



150mm U-Pins Ground Pins  Pack of 100 
On their own - if you under order and need to top up

Essential to add strength - do not lay without pins!



Standard Grass Reinforcement Mesh  1m x 10m



Standard Grass Reinforcement Mesh  2m x 10m



Standard Grass Reinforcement Mesh  2m x 30m Black



Premium Grass Reinforcement Mesh  2m x 30m Black Possibly a motorhome product on firmer ground.



Heavy Duty Grass Reinforcement Mesh  2m x 30m Black  Generally for motorhomes on normal ground.



Ground Stabilisation Mesh - Large  2.1m x 30m


FM Pave

Flexipave per - sqm - 9 pcs each 0.33m sq

A deluxe motorhome solution - requires sub-base


FM PaveB

Flexipave Base Kit - 12 tiles/pack = 1.32 sq m

A deluxe motorhome solution - requires sub-base


FM Pave1

FlexiKit 1 - 10x6 Flexipave Kit  (1.83x3.05m)

A deluxe motorhome solution - requires sub-base


FM Pave2

FlexiKit 2 -  8x6 Flexipave Kit  (1.83x2.44m)

A deluxe motorhome solution - requires sub-base


FM Pave3

FlexiKit 3 -  6x4 Flexipave Kit  (1.22x1.83m)

A deluxe motorhome solution - requires sub-base


FM Pave3

FlexiKit 4 -  36 on mini pallet - 'Shed Base Kit'  
of 4 sq metres arrange as 9x4 or 6x6 or 7x5 tiles e.g. Odd shapes are possible to accommodate doors etc.

A deluxe motorhome solution - requires sub-base


FM Gras1

Safegrass Rubber Mat  1.5x1.0m


FM Gras2

Safegrass FR Rubber Mat  1.5x1.0m


Minimum order value for all Flexi is 75


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