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  Gas / LPG Fittings & Accessories  (Non-Gaslow)    

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NEW: Truma LevelCheck: ** Level Check is a quick hand held gas level indicator for all steel or aluminium gas cylinders (propane - butane - lpg) from 200 to 350mm dia. With a simple scan this ultrasound device recognises whether there is liquefied gas in the cylinder at the measuring point and uses LEDs to clearly indicate this point. LevelCheck, won the reputed caravanning design award at the major Düsseldorf exhibition ... a design prize awarded every two years to products displayed at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon that clearly stand out from the competition. Very useful indeed for all standard bottled gas. Truma quality & efficiency, we all need one! There are some limitations - see here (new window).

Gaslock GasLevel: ** Gas Level is a budget gas level checker (gas level device) using ultrasound as above. Like Truma, Gaslock say it is suitable for all standard metallic propane and butane gas cylinders from 5kg min to 33 kgs**.

Stick the magnetic GasLevel on the cylinder, push the button to send ultrasound, then a green LED indicates gas and a red indicates none. Move it up or down and repeat, the changing red/green LEDs will then tell you where the gas level lies. Easy!  Durable ABS housing, CR2032 replaceable battery, Ultrasonic measurement. 65x30x16mm. Well priced!  Not for Gaslow, PatioGas nor BP-light nor for UK 4/4.5Kg 'Dumpy' bottles. Nor Calor-Lite if fitted with gauge. Click for PDF Leaflet here. And see the manufacturer's own video clip here Below >>>

PS: In contrast to the video, we prefer resetting the GasLevel for each reading but you don't have to wait to get a second reading just push the button a second time to turn it off and again to turn it back on. Best used on plain painted areas away from lettering and away from welds like the one half way up many bottles.

NB: The gas does not need to be in use for these devices to work (so not like temperature based readers)

 ** Neither unit will work on plastic bottles nor on any bottle or tank with built-in gauges, no big deal there though, why would you need another gauge for those?  Any other internal hardware (rare) would also interfere with the ultrasound.  Please Note that the fairly common Calor Lite, Patio Gas and BP Light are not 'standard' having internal gauge mechanisms or plastic bodies. Also the UK 'dumpy' cylinders of less than 5Kgs are not suitable.  Works just great on my standard Calor bottles though! 

New: We can now supply a kit to convert an on-bottle gas regulator to a pigtail based system with a simple bottle on-off manual change over. This can be adapted to Calor-propane or Refillables or Mixed or even German imports with the German version of the 21.8LH screw on nut/cup (Triomatic etc e.g.).  If interested please with a description of your aim with photos of existing if poss and we'll create a kit for you.

For Gaslow products please see the Gaslow refillables pages under the Indoor menu or click here.

Regulators:  Straightforward regulators without gauges. Where not otherwise specified the propane products are for 37mbar and the butane products are for 28 mbar. These are modest units with outputs between 1Kg and 1.5Kg/hour. Like all budget units they are designed to run one or two modest appliances with short piping runs, this includes BBQs of course. The propane version is the highest output at 1.5Kg/hr and will run a medium size motorhome or campervan. We would not expect these, or indeed any budget regulator, to satisfactorily run a large well equipped wintering motorhome, for that you would need our 5Kg version. Buy Below >>>

Change-overs:  These are domestic / park-home products designed for exterior use. Many carry extra safety features like excess flow shut off and over pressure shut off (OPSO). Bottle in-use/empty indicators are standard fit. For motorhome devices see the Gaslow pages.

Hi-Lo Propane Gauge:  Simply screws into a UK POL propane cylinder and then the existing POL hose screws into the gauge. As with all in-line gauges it offers a good indication of cylinder content but is subject to some variables like altitude e.g. Also has added safety features like Excess Flow Valve (EFV) which can be used as a leak detector but importantly the EFV will shut off the gas supply if a hose or other connection is damaged or comes loose. Also colloquially known as a Gas-stop or gas stop valve. Appearance may vary.

External Outlets:  Attractive gas outlet boxes (bbq points) for fitting into the wall of a motorhome to power outside appliances such as a gas bbq. Supplied complete with gas nozzle / connector. One with lock and key plus the very neat Bullfinch outlet right and the colour-adaptable FAP Orus left, both without lock. (Orus is a new product and late in - now expected into UK towards end Feb). The twist/snap-in connector on the Bullfinch turns the gas on and off automatically while Orus requires a separate tap. Spare connectors are available for all. A matching external shower point is available here or on the water products page. For more Bullfinch product info including technical info and diagrams plus larger pictures see

Corgi:  Some systems in some circumstances should be installed by a 'Corgi' engineer. Instructions often call for Corgi installation without explanation but this isn't always necessary; you don't need this for personal use in motorhomes for example unless offered for hire (correct at time of writing). It is the purchaser's responsibility to determine the requirements for their intended use, we cannot advise on this except in the broadest terms.  Buy >>>

Regulator/Change-over Kits, all propane, all 37mbar except Caravan Reg 30mbar. Hover for info


Product recall: NovaComet BP1803 LPG Gas Regulator. Info & pics:

Product recall: Calor 6Kg Lite Gas Cylinders manufactured between 2008-2011 to be returned immediately.
Calor Gas Ltd is issuing a product recall with immediate effect on all 6kg CalorLite® cylinders manufactured between 2008-2011 inclusive. All such cylinders must be returned to a local CalorLite® stockist immediately.
Upon return, the customer will be issued with a full free of charge replacement 6kg CalorLite® cylinder.
CalorLite® retail outlets can be found using the ‘Find A Stockist’ facility at Click on the CalorLite® Stockist box and press search. Or call 0800 783 4141.

For Gaslow products please see the Gaslow refillables pages under the Indoor menu or click here.


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Gas Fittings Ancillaries and Accessories


LPG GAS Regulators, Pigtails & change-overs  -  Mobile and Static/Domestic

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Butane Screw-on Regulator
Fits the 4.5Kg Butane bottle  1.1Kg/hr



21mm Clip-on Reg for Butane  Reinforced Diaphram
Fits most 7Kg & 15Kg bottles but not the 4.5Kg  1.0Kg/hr



Propane 27mm Clip-on Propane Regulator 37mbar
Some Patio and some foreign bottles 1Kg/hr



Campingaz Regulator 28mbar
Campingaz 901 - 904 - 907 1Kg/hr



Propane Handwheel Screw-in Regulator
Bullnose POL Reinforced diaphragm.
Fits UK Propane bottles  1.5Kg/hr



COMAP 766P Gold 5-kg Propane UK Bullnose POL

Complete with 706 nozzle. A high demand regulator
with safety pressure relief system for UK Propane at 37mb. 1/2" outlet for Wade 706. UK Propane bottles to 5Kg/hr



Wade 706 nozzle for above
1/2" Tapered brass with rubber hose nozzle.


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Reg-028  Propane HiLo Cylinder Gauge & Connector with integrated Excess Flow Valve (EFV) 
(both ends are Bullnose POL 1xM 1xF)



HiLo POL-Propane Bullnose Bottle Gauge-Connector
Similar appearance to above



Propane Double Wall Block (W20x2 -POL)  Use along with standard pigtails and an older style reg-on-bottle propane regulator to create a newer style on-wall manual change over pigtail system (via bottles on/off).
(NRV version on Gasit page)



20" Propane Pigtail W20 TO POL with NRV  

Built-in non-return valves mean this is a great product to use with the wall block above



35" Propane Pigtail W20 TO POL with NRV  

Built-in non-return valves mean this is a great product to use with the wall block above



Caravan Regulator.  Wall Mounted New Style 30mbar.



Domestic Regulator + Manual Change-over + Pigtail Kit for Domestic/Static use. 37mbar (propane). 4Kg/hr.  Simpler budget type with 3/8" male x 1/2" female outlet test point ball valve.  Wall Mounted.



Domestic Regulator + Auto Change-over + Pigtail Kit for Domestic/Static use. 37mbar (propane). 4.5Kg/hr.
3/8" male x 1/2" female outlet test point ball valve. 
Wall Mounted  Continental RF6000



OPSO Domestic Regulator + Auto Change-over + Pigtail Kit for Domestic/Static use. 37mbar (propane). 4.5Kg/hr. As AM30 above but with OPSO protection


Also other premium kits by Clesse & Comap and even an OPSO Manual Kit, please email.

Ancillaries Level Checkers & Consumables

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Sikaflex 512 300ml for mastic gun - Delivered price *

The Outdoor PU Adhesive/sealant for motorhome use.



Gas Leak Detector Spray 400ml (Aerosol)



Gas Leak Detector Spray 250ml (Atomiser)



High Density PTFE Tape for GAS-LPG  13 x 0.2mm



Smoke Matches  Box 12 x 5pk



Bottle Securing Straps / Bottle Carrier (pair)

NLA - See Gasit page for alternative



Truma Level Check.  Hand held and accurate ultrasound gas level detector.


FAP range of matching Water/Mains external units


Matching External Water Inlet - FAP Orus White  (grey or black options too). Housing & Cover & Cap NB: Without barrel & Keys - order separately (Zadi/Fap page). You can buy other Colours of Outer Flap & also matching gas bbq point and mains inlet. Dia approx 110mm



Replacement White Outer for FAP N32464 & N26462



Optional Grey Outer for FAP N32464 & N26462



Optional Black Outer for FAP N32464 & N26462



Matching FAP Mains Inlet White (Round Style) with cover for 16A Site Cable. Dia at rear ~110mm.  SKU:9135ST28



Spare Cover with Gasket for Mains Inlet above (N30618), White . Also available - Spare in Grey or Black on request.


Other BBQ Points & Fittings - plus matching shower points

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Combined Reich BBQ Point & water Outlet White, with snap-ins on/off. As fitted to our own motorhome. Use your onboard water and/or gas supply to great effect outside the vehicle.  Outer 9x21cmH 3.2cmD. Box = 6x15cmH 2.7cmD. Water outlet is single supply so any mixing must be in MH.



Perfect Shower Companion for above. 2M shower flex hose and quick connector, trigger operated, ideal for washing boots, pets, fish, even children!  Can be used as shower if appropriate H/C controls are installed inside the vehicle.



Truma BBQ Gas Outlet Box, White.
Suitable for 30 - 50 mbar. Extremely simple one-handed operation. Straight forward 'snap-in' connection of external gas appliances to the coupling valve.



Spare snap-in nozzle for above



External Gas BBQ Point by Bullfinch White, with snap-in auto on/off. Matches 6088 shower point  105x110x85.



External Gas BBQ Point by Bullfinch Cream, with snap-in auto on/off.  105x110x85.



External Gas BBQ Point by Bullfinch Grey,
with snap-in auto on/off. 105x110x85.



Spare/Extra Bullfinch Gas Plug, for 6087 above.



Matching External Shower Point by Bullfinch, snap-in fitting with heat control complete with Shower fitting & lever head, 105x110x90. Matches the white Gas point above.



2m Length 8mm Orange LPG Gas Hose - posted  The reinforced version of standard low pressure gas tubing to replace existing reg hose or to create a BBQ extension.


Taps & Nozzles

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Gas Tap / Valve / Manifold / Isolator - 1 Way
Supplies are a bit intermittent



Gas Tap / Valve / Manifold / Isolator - 3 Way
Supplies are a bit intermittent



8mm Hose Nozzle - Male thread - 1/8 BSPT  2 off



8mm Hose Nozzle - Male thread - 1/2 BSPT  2 off



8mm Hose Nozzle - Female nut - 1/2 BSP  2 off


5/16" Compression fittings, 'copper'

We make no pretence that these are well priced - they are just offered here as a convenient service!

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5\16 - 5\16  Plain Olives  5 off



5\16 - 5\16  Straight Coupling  1 off



5\16 - 5\16  Through-Bulkhead Coupling  1 off



5\16 - 5\16  Elbow 1 off



5\16 - 5\16 - 5\16  Equal Tee  1 off



5\16 Stop Ends 1 off



5\16 Bullfinch Ball Valve - Foot Mount



5\16 Wade Test Point


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