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  Froli Star Mobil Bed System    

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It's back!  Some text is due for revision but still the same excellent product. Fantastic system for Self-build or for upgrading comfort and support in a existing motorhome - even on slatted bases.

New: Duvalay Compact Travel Topper 190x66cm with washable cover and straps. See below.

Download 2014 PDF Catalogue extract (still current) for Froli-mobil Beds.  (Click - new window)
Also see the youtube videos - how to sleep better & more sleeping comfort in your motorhome

Froli Star Mobil:  Froli Star is a luxury bed & sleeping system which saves considerable space and weight while affording exceptional comfort. In a construction height of only 43 mm, Froli Star provides optimum suspension of up to 33 mm for maximum comfort. The overall support of the bed can be adjusted by clipping Froli Star close together or further apart by choosing one of three different hole spacings on the support grid. Additionally Froli sets come with a number of softer elements for comfort adjustment under say shoulder and even supplementary tension clips to firm up locally - incredibly versatile & adaptable. And all can be re-jigged at any time to suit any changes.

For more info and a layout diagram see the Froli Star Mobil PDF in a new window here.
For more current info see and/or the 2014 PDF above.
Froli videos on see   Buy Below >>>

Reisemobil Magazine rated Froli as 'Five Star' because they found the system is easy to assemble, readily adjustable with totally variable dimensions, adjustable for firmness, and offering excellent air circulation too. Froli themselves say - The FROLI Star MOBIL elements are extremely flexible and support the body according to individual specifications. The large number of elements used emphasizes the selective pressure equalizing function, designed to avoid stress. The neck and spine in particular are supported in comfortable, orthopaedically correct fashion. Open cells which allow air to circulate ensure that a recuperative sleeping environment is provided. A standard mattress is then used as the comfort support. Thanks to its compact construction height this system is ideal for use in vehicles with alcove beds, bunks, and lift beds, even covering odd shapes. Pictured left is a grey base element, a standard blue spring, and a red tension unit.

2mx95cm Mesh Tressel especially useful for slatted base bedsA real space saver that enables you to create a sprung bed on a rigid base without the usual depth required by sprung bedding construction. A Froli bed is incredibly comfortable and even more so if combined with a good mattress and maybe a memory foam overlay too. For use on slatted base beds add a 300gsm Mesh 'Tressel' (left).

Bed in a Box, a complete starter set of Froli Star elements is available for commonly found camper and motorhome bed sizes, it contains 50 standard spring elements, 10 soft spring elements, 60 bases unassembled and 10 tension units, to suit bed lengths of: 175 - 208cm and widths of 71.5 - 83.5 cm, (200x80 nominal) in a 12x5 element matrix. An upgrade package containing 12 spring elements with 2 soft spring elements and 12 bases unassembled is also available to accommodate larger sizes and odd shapes. Bigger beds simply use 2x bed-in-a-box packs while smaller beds can simply leave off a row of elements. The elements can be fitted with wider or narrower spacing to accommodate odd sizes and shapes and to adjust the overall or local level of support. All remarkably versatile!

For (older info and) a grid layout diagram see the 06 Froli Star Mobil PDF in a new window here.
For Froli videos on see

Example beds:  80x200 cm or 75x180 cm = 1x Bed Box ;  90x200 cm = 1x Bed Box + 1x Upgrade Pack ; 140x200 cm = 2x Bed Boxes. For more info see and/or the PDF above. A remarkable product ideal for self-build, refurbishment, upgrades or solving backache problems.  Buy Below >>>

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DUVALAY COMPACT TRAVEL TOPPER 66CMDuvalay Compact Travel Topper: Instantly and dramatically improve any uncomfortable bed!  Multipurpose memory foam travel topper from Duvalay is widely used as a portable mattress topper, caravan topper, camping topper, and in a huge variety of leisure vehicles such as boats, motorhomes and campervans. It comes with a zipped, washable protective cover and straps for easy storage & transport at ~30cm dia. Uses highest density, 2.5cm memory foam for maximum comfort. Innovatively designed to promote a restful nights sleep, this compact topper just rolls out smoothing away all surface lumps and bumps. Full length, compact single width at 190x66cm, use two for small double - as most caravans / motorhomes are. New: Compact Travel Topper & Sleeping Bag Combined, uniquely convenient & comfortable - as seen on Dragon's Den!  Buy Below >>>

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Froli Bed System  & Duvalay Topper

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New: Duvalay Bedding

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Duvalay Compact Travel Topper

Multipurpose single travel topper from Duvalay for caravan, camping & leisure vehicles like boats, motorhomes and campervans. Washable cover, straps for storage & transport. 190 x 66 x 2.5cm high density memory foam core, 30cm dia rolled. Can use two for a small double of course.



Duvalay Compact Travel Topper - Pair & Carriage Paid

As above but discount deal for a pair - uk std zone carriage paid



Duvalay 4.5 Tog Sleeping Bag & Topper - Navy

Luxury item! A Duvet and Topper combination to ensure a relaxing and comfortable night's sleep. Rolled up it takes up minimal space and can be secured by the 2 straps supplied. Reversible so can be left or right handed allowing two to be used together to make a double. A perfect camping, caravan, motorhome or boat bedroom accessory. 190x66x2 & 34dia.



Duvalay 4.5 Tog Sleeping Bag & Topper - Cappuccino

As above but in Cappuccino.  As seen on BBC's Dragons' Den.



Froli Beds

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Bed in a Box Basic Kit  60 Elements + 10 Tensioners

60 spring elements, 50 x regular, 10 x soft (light blue), 60 base elements, 10 tension clips. 200x80 nominal.  Covers approximately 17 sq.ft or a bed size of about 76"x32". 19903



Pair of Froli Bed in a Box 120 Elements + 20 Tensioners



Head Adjustment Kit for retrofitting  5 slats 44cm



Bed in a Box - Upgrade pack of 12 Elements 'Soft'
NB. Only for bed customers.
Star Mobil Extension pack. Enables the user to extend the footprint of the Star Mobil bed system. Kit contains 10 standard springs, 2 soft spring elements, 12 star bases and 2 tension crosses. 19904



Option Tension units pack 15pcs
NB. Only for bed customers.
Tension star additional kit, contains 15 crosses. The crosses help to vary the level of firmness on each spring. 20896



Mesh Base 200 x 95/100cm 'Tressel' for Slatted Beds
Approx 300gsm.  NB. Only for bed customers.
This mesh tressel enables the Star Mobil bed system to be fitted onto slatted beds, thus providing more stability. 49957



Froli Back Support Rest for Cab Seats

Back support cushion with internal gently flexing leaf springs. All in breathable mesh fabric for cool comfort



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  An element is one base plus one spring. Tension units are added optionally to stiffen up local areas.


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