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  Fiamma Security, Safe Door Security Lock & Safe Pack.    

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Fiamma Signal boards:  Red striped rear warning boards for overhanging loads sometimes called chevron boards. These back marker boards are now compulsory in Italy and Spain for all over-hanging items - even an empty rack!  Easily attached to almost all motorhomes, caravans, 4x4s, vans, etc., with the four holes provided for elastic e.g. Do Note that there is a right and wrong way round to fit these; the stripes must point down towards the offside of the vehicle, i.e. to the centre of the road wherever you are. We have illustrated the UK fitting left but in Europe it should be fitted the other way - with the word Fiamma the right way up!  Regulations state the signal must be the aluminium type if the vehicle is over 12m long but I'd have thought the important feature would be that the aluminium type has 5-red-stripes as required in Italy and the plastic one has 3-stripes as required in Spain! Most motorcaravanners seem confused and fit the plastic one to their motorhome or camper van - and often the wrong way round. Buy Below >>>

Info: Fiamma have discontinued the Grey versions of their security products.

Fiamma Security 31 & 46:  These very popular Fiamma Locking Security Handles are made  of solid 2mm thick anodized aluminium 30mm diameter and come in two useful sizes 31 and 46 cm, the latter being especially useful on double doors or for offering assistance getting in and out.  When closed back onto the door, they are effective anti-theft devices and also prevent accidental door opening when travelling.  When open they serve as a convenient handle to make entering and exiting the vehicle easier.  Adapts to all doors opening both to the right or to the left. Complete with key lock and safety release handle, installation brackets, screws and internal counter brackets. An optional Security Lock Kit is now available for added security, see below.  The Security 46 Pro offers an extra strong structure; please note it still has only one lock - but this time it is supplied as a remote unit and is not in the hinge.  All are Fairly easy to install once you've summoned the courage to drill holes through your motorhome but do note that you must do a good job here - the entire security function is dependent on good solid fixing.  

Fiamma Safe Door:  There is a new Safe Door range in both White and Black with a sleeker design but both types are available early 2018. Safety block for motorhome and caravan door. It works as an anti-theft device preventing access into the vehicle via the door. It is made of sturdy anodized aluminium without plastic parts and is fitted with a high security barrel lock. It can be easily installed with the bolts and internal counter-brackets supplied.  Like the Security 31 & 46 above it is necessary to drill right through the vehicle wall. The new Magnum version has an extended 20cm length so it is possible to cover other locks too. See the catalogue for ideas on fixing positions.

Fiamma Safe Door Frame:  Same features as above but fixed to the side frame of the door aperture with self-tapping screws instead of being bolted through the wall.

Fiamma Safe Door Guardian:  A security deadbolt to be attached to the inside of the doors to act as a night-bolt or just to secure the doors against theft while you are out - exiting via a door that can be securely locked from the outside an protected with a Safe Door as above eg. Available in standard and several different vehicle cab specific versions. We're aware of some issues if there arte Remis blinds fitted, in which case you either cut into the blind frame to create the space or go for another lock like the Heosafe that fits onto the end of the armrest.

Also below on this page the new Thule 'Inside Out', similar to a Safe Door but this one can be operated from the inside to secure the caravan door before going to bed. 

Security Lock Kit:  New this year this optional safety lock kit for Security 31 and 46 can be installed to the door of the motorhome.  It comes complete with keys and inside brackets and is made of sturdy but light aluminium coated white.  Buy Below >>>

Other Fiamma security items are available to special order but on fairly long lead times.

Cab Locks & Gas Alarms:  Click here for HeoSafe Cab Locks, Safeman Cable Lock & Gas Alarms.

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Note: Fiamma have abandoned the grey versions of safe door etc and all stocks are now gone.

Fiamma Signal

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Fiamma Aluminium Warning Sign - Italy 5-stripe (98782-010)



Fiamma Plastic Signal - Spain 3-stripe (98782-005)



Fiamma Security

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Spare Security 31/46 Replacement Lock & Key 98656-345
Can't match numbers - sorry.



Fiamma Security 31 White (03513-01-)  (& see N29473)



Fiamma Security 46 White (03513A01-)  (& see N29473)



Fiamma Security 46 PRO (03513-04-)  (& see N29473)



Fiamma Security 46 S White  (03513-05-)



Kit Security Lock (98656-433) Optional white safety lock kit for Security 31 and Security 46 to be installed on the door of the motorhome. Comes complete with keys and inside brackets.



Fiamma Duo Safe (05411-01-)



Fiamma Safe Door Range

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Thule Inside-out G2 - like a Safe Door but can also be locked and unlocked from the inside. See also (page-link)



Fiamma Double Door Bracket Kit (98656-678)
Steel brackets for fitting Safe Door to the double doors on Ducato-Boxer-Relay, Sprinter, Traffic, all after 2006



Spare: Safe Door Replacement Lock & Keys 98656-457
Can't match numbers - sorry.



Fiamma Safe Door White (04688-01-)



Spacer Kit White - Safe Door (07-on only) (98656-498)



Fiamma Safe Door - 3 pack with matching keys (04688-02-)



Fiamma Safe Door Frame White (04688A01-)



Fiamma Safe Door Frame 3 pk matching keys (04688A02-)



Fiamma Safe Door Magnum White (05348-01-)



Fiamma Safe Door Magnum Frame White (05348A01-)



Fiamma Safe Door White New Style (07704-01-)



Fiamma Safe Door Black New Style (07704-01A)



Fiamma Safe Door Frame White New Style (07705-01-)



Fiamma Safe Door Frame Black New Style (07705-01A)



Fiamma Guardian

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Spacer Kit Guardian (98656-496)  (10x 1mm spacers)



Fiamma Safe Door Guardian Universal-DIY (05388-01-)



Fiamma Safe Door Guardian T2 (05388-05-) (Transit 06/7-on)



Fiamma Safe Door Guardian T (05388-03-) (Transit to-06)



Fiamma Safe Door Guardian D (05388-07-)
(Ducato X250 manf. 09/09-on)



Fiamma Safe Door Guardian D (05388-04-)
(Ducato X250 manf.06-06 to 08-09)



Fiamma Safe Door Guardian R (05388-08-) (Master 06/10-on)



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