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  Fiamma Carry-bike Parts & Accessories   (Convert to 4 bikes e.g.)    

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Fiamma Carry-bike:  Create your own specification and comfort level with these Fiamma Carry-Bike accessories. Expand bike rack capacities from two to three or even four bikes on some versions. Note: the carriers are already pre-drilled to take extra rails where the load rating of the rack or the vehicle allows this - extra rails should only be fitted to these pre-drilled locations. As well as these routine expansions Fiamma provide a number of problem solving mounting aids, extra and alternative blocks, cycle covers now with signal pocket as illustrated left (signal board not included), bike protectors, locks, signal boards, snow / ski accessories and more. 'Pro-Mobil' motorhome magazine readers recently voted Fiamma "Best Brand of the Year" in the Carry-bike & Carry-moto category. Almost all are supplied in a 2 bike configuration (often with blocks 1&3) but many can be upgraded with accessories to 3 or 4 bike versions, optionally with covers, locks, etc.

NB: Quoted bike block sizes are measured straight across 'between centres' not along a cranked arm.

Not sure? - then do email us to ask - we believe in customer service!

Info NB:  The Plastic signal shown right is shown fitted correctly for UK use. It would be different when used in France, Spain, Italy, etc., for this European use when driving on the right the board would be rotated 90º to the left and word Fiamma will then be the right way up. The rule for single signal boards is that the stripes always point downwards towards the offside of the vehicle, offside being the middle of the road in the country you're driving in. We frequently see these fitted incorrectly in the UK, you're unlikely to be stopped like that but woe betide you if you're involved in any kind of traffic transgression or accident whatsoever!  Regulations:  In Italy the warning board must have: 5 red/ 4 white hatched, reflective stripes; a size of 50 x 50 cm; manufactured from aluminium; 4 eyelets for attachment:  In Spain the warning board must have: 3 red + 3 white hatched, reflective stripes, a size of 50 x 50 cm, manufactured from aluminium, 4 eyelets for attachment.

Blocks & Rails & Straps:  There used to be three distinct rail types each with its own strap system. The traditional item is the Rail Strip taking the Strip Kit which is a red black or blue fabric strap with SS buckle; the improved version fitted to some later racks is the Rail Quick taking Quick Safes with black ladder straps; finally on the deluxe racks a completely different profile Premium Rail is used and this takes the sliding Wheel Wedges with black straps. All are illustrated right. Complete rails are often interchangeable between racks but you can't fit wheel wedges to other non-premium rails. We do believe you can interchange strips and quick-safes if you wish though. Bike blocks (top holders) are not sold as spares as such but as accessories as pictured left and listed below.  NB: The quoted bike block sizes below are measured straight across 'between centres' not along the length of a cranked arm. New rails include Rail Rail Quick C a telescopic 101-167cm rail (dwg right) and the Premium is now split into Rail Premium, Rail Premium E-Bike for up to 30Kg per rail** and Rail Premium S for two-way bike adjustment

(** 30Kgs per rail max - subject to vehicle wall/mountings/rack spec and also that the heavy/iest bike is carried next/near to the vehicle wall even if any 3rd/4th rail is empty).  Buy Below >>>

Fiamma company website product info:

Fiamma 2015 Spares Catalogue download here (it's big!)  Fiamma Spare Parts Catalogue 2015  We can normally get all of these, good stocks of the more common items are held in the UK others come from Italy.

New for 2016 Bailey Fixing Brackets - Upper & Lower 98656-638 98656-639, Buy Below >>

Please note  there is a £10 Fiamma minimum order  except where items are described as 'delivered'.  If you need spares email us and we'll come up with a delivered price for you. We can supply any Fiamma product or accessory or spare part at competitive prices even if it is not listed here. We ship many direct from the importer so a huge range available, so for spares for your existing Fiamma products - just email us

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Carry-bike  Accessories by Fiamma


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Highlands Delivery Supplement ~25Kg single pack under 1.5m to IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE postcodes e.g.  - an additional -



Europe / Ireland C for single pack Max 25-30Kg and 1.5m long. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.


Carry-Bike Rails, Straps, Bike Blocks / Holders, Covers, Caps, Spares, etc

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Sikaflex 512 300ml for mastic gun - Delivered price

The Outdoor PU Adhesive/sealant for motorhome use.



CB Pro Upgrade Kit - Black  Plastic parts kit (98656-788)



CB Pro C Upgrade Kit - Black  Plastic parts kit (98656-790)



CB Pro Upgrade Kit - Grey  Plastic parts kit (98656-782)



CB Pro C Upgrade Kit - Grey  Plastic parts kit (98656-783)



Rail Quick 128 Red 2 Quick Safes (98656-097)



Rail Quick 128 Blue 2 Quick Safes (98656-328)
Matching top blocks further below.



Rail Quick 128 Black 2 Quick Safes (98656-098)



Rail Quick 128 Grey 2 Quick Safes (98656-327)



Rail Strip 126 / 128 Red Strips (98656-095)



Rail Strip 126 / 128 Blue with Red Strips (98656-500)
When available at importer, we can check on request.



Rail Quick (L80) 140 Red with 2 Quick Safes  (98656-438



Rail Quick (L80) 200 Red with 2 Quick Safes  (98656-439)



Rail Quick C Red Telescopic (101-167cm) with 2 Quick Safes (98656-368)  Suits most carriers.



Premium Rail End Cap pair (98656-271)



Red end cap pr for Rail Quick/Strip 126/8 (98656-079)(2002)



Blue end cap pair for Rail Quick/Strip 126/8 (04574-01B)



Grey end cap pair for Rail Quick/Strip 126/8



Black end cap pair for Rail Quick/Strip 126/8 (98656-081) 



Rail Premium Red with 2 Wheel Wedges
Can also be fixed to a garage floor!  (98656-201)



Rail Premium E-Bike  (98656-657)  Rail 139 cm long for Electric bikes, carry 30Kg each subject to rack and vehicle fixings being suitable for the 60Kg max



Rail Premium S complete with sliding wedges (98656-656) Rails can be moved both ways to adjust bike positions



Kit Premium S  (98656-681) (2pcs)  Converts Rail Quick & Rail Premium to the Rail Premium S adjustment system.



Bike Block Pro 1 Red  (13cm) (04133-01-)



Bike Block Pro 2 Red  (23½cm) (04133A01-)



Bike Block Pro 3 Red  (38cm) (04133B01-)



Bike Block Pro 4 Red  (53½cm) (04133C01-)



Bike Block Pro D1 Red  (10-42cm Jointed) (04133E01-)



Bike Block Pro D2 Red  (16-63cm Jointed) (04133F01-)



Bike Frame Adapter (50-60cm Jointed) (06602-01-) Fiamma say Ideal for non-standard frames, bmxs, ladies.



Bike Block Pro 1 Blue  (13cm) (04133-01B)



Bike Block Pro 2 Blue  (23.5cm) (04133A01B)



Bike Block Pro 3 Blue  (38cm) (04133B01B)



Bike Block Pro 4 Blue  (53.5cm) (04133C01B)


Bike Blocks are also in Black and in Grey when the importer has them (email us to check).


Rack-holder Retaining Clip (98656-378) ea



Carry-Bike Rack Holder x2 - clips folded rack (98656-378)
Suits 35mm dia tubes or 30mm with adaptors supplied



Bike Block Insert - The rubber insert at the bike rack end (i.e. not in contact with the bike (98656-282)



Quick Safe - Sliding Securing Loop (ea) (98656-386)



Strip Kit - Pair Red Straps with SS Buckles (98656-320)



Strip Kit - Pair Black Straps with SS Buckles (98656-318)



Security Strip 200cm Red Strap SS Buckles (98656-419)



Protection Pads - Pair to fit 30mm dia tubes (98656-034)



Safety Reflectors - for Pro models, EM & L80 (98656-024)



Easy Dry  100-120 x 37-60 cm  (06306-01-)  Quick install drying rack for the folding section - must have 35mm tubes



Licence Plate Carrier bar with lights  131x16.5x7.5cm (06146-01-)  Compulsory if lights are obscured by bikes.



Carry-Bike Plastic Signal Board Spain  50x50cm (98782-005)  Compulsory in Italy & Spain & advised all round the Med
Only alloy/alu boards are Spain / Italy approved but many people use the plastic 3+3 stripe version in Spain



Carry-Bike ALU Warning Board Italy  50x50cm (98782-010)
Signals with 5+4 stripes are compulsory in Italy & advised all round the Med. Only alloy/alu boards are Spain/Italy approved



Fiamma Bike Cover S Reinforced 2-3 Bikes (04502E01) New: Has a pocket to take the Plastic signal board.
NB: This is a fairly small cover and not intended to completely enclose the bikes especially the side nearest the 'van.



Fiamma Bike Cover S Reinforced 4 Bikes (04502F01) New - pocket to take the Plastic signal board. Reinforced polyester. Lightweight and water-proof. Adapts to size with adjustable straps. With transparent pocket for Signal Board. Not suitable for racks where bikes are exposed top of roof.



Bike Cover Premium S Velcro & Zips 2-4 B (04502G01) Self-lubricating side zippers and Velcro to form a complete enclosure around the bikes. Made of extra strong polyester with transparent pocket for signal board. One size covers up to 4 bikes. Not suitable for offset bike racks. (NB Heavier too)



Bike Cover Reinforced Caravan 2 Bikes (04502-01-)



Cable Lock 2.5m 2 Keys (98656-338)



Safeman Cable Lock (Non-Fiamma see here for info)



Locking Knob (04034A01-)



Bottom Bracket T4 (98656-076)



Foot Adjuster T4 e.g. (98656-292)


Carry-Bike Fixings & Reinforcements


Spare Part Bike Block Star Nut  98656-290 Pair



Spare Part Pro Rack Covers - Bottom (pair)



Spare Part Pro Rack Covers - Top (pair)



Top Fitting Kit for PRO/CL/UL Racks (98656-409)



Bottom Fitting Kit for PRO/CL/UL Racks (98656-220)



Upper Bailey Fixing Bracket (98656-638)



Lower Bailey Fixing Bracket (98656-639)



Fixing Bar Carry-Bike 2.4m - pair (98656-474)



Kit Support Bar 74cm - pair (98656-682)



Hobby Caravan Adaptor Kit - to 2003 (98656-308)



Kit Wall Hobby (98656-423)



Bürstner Caravan / Motorhome Adaptor Kit (98656-376)



Plate XL Top - Heavy Fix 2pcs (98656-275)



Plate XL Bottom - Heavy Fix 2pcs + covers (98656-274)



Cover plate 2pcs (98656-276)



Long Fix Bottom for Pro / Pro C (98656-456)



Hymer Adapter kit (Hooks) (98656-594)



Extension Rod for UL - pr (98656-010)


Garage Accessories and New Fiamma Garage Cargo

Also see Carry-Bike Page for Moto garage accessories


Garage System Standard Kit  (98655-907)  Single 3-shelf alloy stand 64x41cm x up to 146 high - takes extns & boxes



Garage System Upgrade - Extension Kit  (98655-908) 
Adds a 62x41cm full height extension to 13990



Garage System Boxes 3pcs (98655-909) 
Set of three folding boxes for the above system



Garage System Kit Wall Installation  (06667-01-)  For securing the above to the garage wall. Required where shelving unit cannot be braced against garage roof.



Kit Cargo Block  Mat & Anchor Blocks(05538-01-)



Cargo Strap  Incl Track, Hooks etc. <20Kg (05677-01-)



Cargo Accessory Kit  Extra hooks & bands (98656-510)



Kit Square Plates Garage (& Elsewhere) 4pcs (98656-485)



Garage Bars - 2x 200cm anodised bars plus 5x sliding eye-hooks & fixing screws (98655-480)



Eye Kit for 13944 Garage bars - additional prs (98656-494)



Garage Bars Premium 200 - 2x 200cm low profile alloy bars plus 5x sliding eye-hooks & fixing screws  (98655-609)



Garage Bars Premium 60 - 2x 60cm low profile alloy bars plus 5x sliding eye-hooks & fixing screws  (98655-608)



Garage Bars Corner - 2x 200cm low profile alloy corner bars plus 5x sliding eye-hooks & fixing screws  (98655-906)



Eye Kit for Premium/Corner - additional 2pcs (98656-735)



Garage Carry Rail 100cm or shorten to suit (06112-01-) Ideal clothes rail for garage compartment


Express & Export Delivery Options


Express/ Rush Delivery Supplement  - an additional -



Highlands Delivery Supplement ~25Kg single pack under 1.5m to IV, HS, KA27-28, KW, PA20-49, PA60-78, PH17-26, PH30-44, PH49-50, ZE postcodes e.g.  - an additional -



Europe / Ireland C for single pack Max 25-30Kg and 1.5m long. Depending on order value the system may also charge for UK postage, where this is in excess we will refund it.


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All sizes in cm / metres. All Fiamma products are available, for any not listed please email us


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