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The Ducato Boxer items like awnings, rooms, annexes, security, steps, ladders, roof-racks, seat swivels, cab blinds etc are all still available on--line, you'll find them under our various menus Fiamma, Omnistor, Indoors, Outdoors, Cab & Chassis, etc.

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What's in a name?  In case you don't know these vehicles are nearly identical. The body shell and many other parts for the Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Relay are all made in the same factory so almost all our accessories fit any and all of these vans, motorhomes, or motorcaravans built on that chassis. The Citroen Relay is also sold as a Citroen Jumper in some countries so the 'Ducato' products below also fit both Jumper and Relay, as well as the Boxer and Ducato of course. Unless otherwise stated we are referring to the 1994-on and 2007-on Ducato family. There were some facelifts during the 94-2006 period notably at 2002 when the clear headlamps appeared and then the all-new six speed models were introduced in late 2006 but didn't generally find their way into motorhomes until 2007. They are referred to here as '07-on'. An example 2007 van is shown left. The much earlier pre-1994 Ducato-Express family are known as 'J5s' and some were badged Talbot Express.  Where there are known differences between marques, as in dash kits, this is clearly shown in the buying section. The benefit of modest cost plus huge amounts of available interior space has made these vehicles one of the most popular choices as a base for motorhomes, motorcaravans and larger campervans.

Accessories:  We're very pleased to offer a wide range of superb accessories dedicated to the Ducato-Boxer family and some in particular to panel van and campervan, conversions. We have special roof mounted awnings with or without roof-racks, safari-rooms, roof racks, slide-out steps, ladders, cab & windscreen screen blinds, cab locks, seat swivels, snap-off steering wheels and more. Most are offered elsewhere on the site too but we thought you would find it handy to have them all collected here in one convenient location.

Don't forget though the other 'universal' accessories on site that might interest you - Roof Vents, Aircon, Top & Back Boxes, Sun blockers, Sun & Rain Blockers, Levels, Security Locks, Safety Items, Gas Alarms, Toilet Cassettes, Mattress Overlays, TV, Batteries, Generators, Inverters, 12v Fridge-Freezers, Reversing Cameras, SatNav, Satellite TV, Gadgets, Games, Folding Bikes & more!

NB: If you require workshop fitting we can recommend several workshops or mobile fitters in your area and can deliver your accessories direct to your chosen workshop ready for fitting.

This is quite a long page by web standards - but we thought you'd enjoy browsing down through it!  There are Fiamma, Omnistor and independent products listed. View the Fiamma Catalogue and the Omnistor Catalogue on-line by clicking the links. We've tried to illustrate the actual Ducato items wherever possible but just a few of the pictures are simply similar examples...  

List under revision but this still gives a broad idea of the range found on site ...

Super Thermal Blinds - "Silver Screens"

Super grade internal eight layer thermal blinds with high grade suction cups for mounting. Keep the heat in during cool nights and cold weather, in summer they reflect sunlight to keep the vehicle cooler. Designed to significantly lower cab condensation. In full cab sets with carrying bag.  Buy >>


New: Four-Seasons Fold-Down External Screens:  Our excellent new turn-down external silvered insulated screens do a brilliant job of keeping heat in during the winter months but out during high summer - so definitely well named!  The front section is designed for easy turn-down to any position using heavy duty velcro, so no need to remove them every day if you're not moving on. One piece covers windscreen and cab doors, easily fitted with no screwing or drilling. Small eyelets are built in so you can fit your own elastic straps down to the wheel arch if desired. Also new top notch German Kantop external screens.

(2002-2006 VEHICLE SHOWN)

Fiamma Coverglas.

A new outside cover for covering your windshield and side windows. Made in two layered durable material and finished externally in polar white. Easily installed with the doors holding the cover in place, which is secured on the inside. For summer and winter use blocking out the Sun & UV rays and prying eyes!  Please note this is not a winter insulation screen.

New: Seitz Blinds for X250:  Bottom-up pleated screen blind for those who prefer this arrangement plus pillar-less side screens for the X250 (only). Also a budget plain roller blind for the windscreen only. Now available as double-pleated Duette honeycomb blind with or without pleated side window blinds, or as a plain windscreen roller blind for Fiat Ducato type 250 vehicles built after mid 2006. Aluminium coated to reflect summer heat too.

RemiFront Cab Blinds - New Version.

Pleated blinds are excellent for easy night-time cab privacy and insulation. Easily retrofitted, removable if necessary, high degree of darkening, attractive design, with a quality appearance now using vertical pleats on all versions, air gap insulation is similar in practice to internal 'silver screens'. An attractive profile gives minimal restriction of vision. 

HeoSafe Door Locks.

Ducato-Boxer cab door locks are notoriously weak so this is a great product for peace of mind. Key lockable internal deadbolts so that you can securely lock yourself in at night or even lock up the cab doors from the inside and then exit through the rear or side door and lock that from the outside (see the Fiamma Security Products for this). Secure & convenient & easy escape. 

HeosDoor Mat.  

New and pictured left, part safety, part cleanliness and comfort. Well made door mats for the cab foot-wells to enhance appearance, provide a dirt barrier, and offer anti-slip for damp shoes. Sold in pairs.

Window Vents.

Air the 'van and cool your pets without sacrificing security. These vents are engineered from alloy sheet to trap securely over the window and into the window recess. Matt black finish with insect net on the inside.  Sold as a pair.

Wood effect Dash Kits.

Personalise your cab with a little touch of 'retro' luxury. These walnut wood effect dash kits remove that bland sameness that afflicts many vehicles and add that touch of homely comfort. Modestly described by the manufacturer as "Chic and elegant, the ultimate interior upgrade". 

Wind-out Awning (sunshade) - Roof Mounted Omnistor.

The 6002 fits neatly and snugly to the roof edge leaving any other rails completely free. The special Ducato roof adaptors enable fitting without drilling. A combination roof rack and adaptor set is also available to give the ultimate in roof mounting and storage. 3m & 3.5m & 3.25m & 3.75m versions take Safari-rooms if and when required.

Omnistor Safari-room for the 6002 Awning above.

Special DB van sides make it possible for us to make up Safari-room-residence kits for the 3.00m to 3.75m 6002 awnings fitted with the Ducato adaptors. Our room kit comes complete with vehicle skirt, opening windows, one with mosquito screen and choice of curtains. NB: The new Safari-residence is not available in this fitting due to the curved sides of the van but we do supply a new Residence front (not illustrated). 

Omni-Bike Sport & Folding Omni-Ladder.

The Omni-Bike carrier for Ducato is mounted with dedicated installation profiles onto the right rear door. Importantly the doors can be opened without removing the bikes or a mounted Carry-All rear box. The bike rails are still central to the vehicle of course. A special folding ladder can then be mounted on installation profiles on the left rear door making a truly comprehensive system, especially when fitted with the roof rack set as below. 

Omnistor Roof Rack.

This excellent roof rack is 1.5m square and takes a 100Kg load. Sold as a package with the 6000 series awning adaptors this enables you to mount top boxes, luggage, or sports equipment on the roof as well as a 6002 awning along the edge - and all without drilling the roof!  Designed especially for the standard LWB with high roof, does not fit the 'extra high' roof, and may require some drilling for extra long 'xl' bodies.

Omni-Step Slide-out with Ducato fitting Kit.

The special mounting kit for Ducato MWB & LWB makes the Omni-Step 12v slide out ideal for fitting below the side door. Various modes of operation are possible including fully automatic with the aid of the optional electronic control box kit. Using at least an Omnistor relay to ensure closing on engine start is highly recommended for safety and to satisfy insurers. 

Fiamma F65 / F65S - Wind-out Awning (sunshade)

Roof edge mounted awning integrates into the profile of the motorhome. In manual versions to suit either SWB or LWB vehicles and the new S version has a motor option that doesn't increase the length! High & low profile dedicated adaptors available for extra door clearance or snug fit. 

Privacy-room for Ducato F65S / F65 Top.

The new Privacy room enclosure for F65 290, 320, 340, & 370 fitted to the Ducato-Boxer Family when using the dedicated DB adaptors. Fiamma rooms come with roll-up windows, single mosquito net, curtains, etc. A skirt is optional but recommended to keep out draughts, rabbits & even cats!!


Fiamma Carry-Bike DJ & De Luxe Ladder DJ

The Carry-Bike DJ for mounting on the right rear door of a Ducato. Drilling is minimal, just a couple of security screws. The rear doors can be opened without removing the bikes or any mounted Ultra-box. This is compatible with the Deluxe Aluminium Ladder DJ which is quickly mounted on dedicated fixing bars on the left door. Both no-drill products only fit vans from 2000. Earlier racks require full drilling to fit.

NEW: Fiamma Roof Rail Ducato 07-on

Complete anodized aluminium roof rack set with adapters to take an F65S awning, standard fit being on the right hand side. Fits either LWB or SWB vehicles by shortening the bars. Generous load area max 355 x 141cm. Easily installed using no-drill adapters on the pre-installed fixing points on the standard high roof. Supplied with all brackets, adapters, and 4 adjustable fixing bars. A version is also available for Ducato Maxi XL 2007-on. Optional kits offer covers for the non-awning side/s and extra support brackets as often used on XL.

Seat swivels. Mapa Illustrated.

Ultra low profile quality seat swivel kit with smooth damper action. Create more living space by using the cab as part of your lounge. Easily installed with bolts provided. These units are 'handed' but fit all Ducato family from 1994. 

Many accessories are despatched the same or following working day after order with delivery on a 1-3 day service. Some items will go out the same day and a few will go overnight. Express overnight carriage to mainland UK excluding Highlands carries an extra 6.00 charge. Other areas incl Ireland gladly quoted.




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