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  Daylight Running Lamps - 'DRLs or DSLs'    

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See also our vehicle lights page - which lists both DRLs and rear lamp Clusters (click).

Discontinued here, sorry.

As used by us since introduced - Superb! DRLs Fabulous New Range from Ring: You've seen the latest posh cars fitted with LED daylight running lights and I can tell you that all new cars made from 2011 must be fitted with them. But now you can be ahead of the game with these superb retro-fit units from Ring Automotive. These are top notch 12-24v products and fully street legal, they're not the illegal rubbish some of the go-faster kids are buying! The top of the range Aurora pictured right is a true Daylight Running Lamp (DRL) while our slightly cheaper versions are strictly speaking Daylight Styling Lamps (DSL) - they are all street legal though. I've fitted a pair of Auroras to our own motorhome and must say I am extremely pleased with them and their suitably chunky appearance - they seem to really suit the bigger vehicle as pictured right (along with our polycarbonate headlamp protectors complete with euro masks). Aurora lamps have acrylic lenses, abs reflectors and an aluminium housing, quality stuff. They are 'E' marked to ECE 87 which is specific to daytime running and uses high power LED bulbs to meet the required brightness levels. The supplied 'fast fitting kit' includes easy to follow instructions with brackets and the functionality is great too; scotchlok one wire into any live feed, another into a side light wire and find an earth, and everything thereafter is fully automatic. As soon as the engine runs the control units sense the increased charging voltage and turn the lamps on but then once it gets dark and you turn on your ordinary lights the controllers sense those too and turn the DRLs off to prevent night-time glare. Truly excellent all round!  I get a bit more respect on narrow roads now too - my mirrors haven't been clipped once since installing them, a most welcome change.  Buy Below >>>

DSLs illustrated left are well styled and very effective but don't have the very high technology, intense white, flat LEDs of the 'flagship' Aurora shown above. The strong acrylic lenses and ABS bodies do underline the quality of these lamps though. All are nicely packaged complete with controllers, fitting instructions and brackets so would make a great gift too.  New legislation will be introduced to make Daytime Running lights mandatory on all new passenger vehicles in 2011. ECE R7. Research has shown that these lights will help improve vehicle visibility and thereby reduce the risk of accidents in daylight hours by up to 15% and with their very long life and very low current consumption they save on both replacement bulb and fuel costs and CO2 emissions are lower as well*. Really, why lower CO2?  Well, you don't get 'owt for nowt' as they say and the high electrical demand of running on *dipped headlamps increases fuel consumption and pollution because the alternator gets harder & harder to turn as output goes up - resulting in lower mpg and higher emissions. (*compared with dipped lights).

Superb - they're not only a really cool product but make you safer and greener too  Buy Below >>>

Hopefully oming soon but not yet in stock ... Prism Flexible DSLs:  Two 37cm flexi clear daytime styling lights holding 36 high intensity white LEDs to create a terrific daytime running light effect. They are particularly suited to the latest curved headlamps if you're looking for that 'Audi look'. Ultra flexible to suit any curved designs and easily fitting the latest headlamp contours. Weatherproof, clear adhesive, easy to fit - with just two wires.


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DRLs - High Intensity Daytime Running Lights by Ring


12v LED Daylight Running Lamps

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Ring Aurora DRLs  5 High Power Flat LEDs  Boxed Set

DRL Pair 12-24v  Nominal size LxHxD 147 x 50-60 x 60mm

Big enough for a motorhome and good brightness - be seen!
Voltage sensed turn-on, auto night time cut out, easy install.

Can be fitted to ignition circuit to overcome any Solar input switching them on. As fitted to our own Hymer, invaluable!



Ring Cruise-lite Diamond Ice DSL  11-LED  Boxed Set

Also road legal as under bumper sidelights

12v only  Nominal Size L 110mm H 30-35mm D 30mm



Ring Cruise-Lite Ice DSL  8-LED  Boxed Set

12v only  Nominal Size L 112mm H 24mm D 37mm (H fixed)



Prism Flexible DSLs 2x 18 LED Clear Strip Set

2 x 37cm styling strips with 2x 18 high intensity white LEDs


All boxed sets contain a air of lamps - and all make great gifts!

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