Popular Winter Vouchers Return - Spend 100 get a 10 Voucher!

Gain another 5 for every extra 50 spent right up to 1000 spend

Spend & Save!

Yes really - as a Winter bonus, we're giving away 10 - 15 - 20 vouchers as a thank-you for many of your on-line purchases this February!  This applies from from the offer publication date right through to the last day of the month.  We offered a similar and extremely popular scheme last year and many of our customers benefitted greatly - our version of the February Sales!

This is quite an offer and entirely genuine - in essence you can buy something you want now and get a voucher of up to 100 to set against another on-line purchase at any time in the first three months of 2014 - i.e. in Feb-Mar now - so just in time for the real season start.

So, How does it work?

It's simple really: On any page with the red "Discount Voucher Offer" line at the top, just purchase anything you need using our normal on-line checkout and we will send you a discount code entitling you to redeem - 'cash-in' - your voucher against your next on-line purchase with us in the first three months of next year.

It is our version of Sale! Sale! Sale! - really.

And the details? what? when? etc

The voucher code will be for anything from 10 to 100 in 5 steps, normally 5 for every 50 spent from 100 upwards. No voucher is issued for a single 50 spend. Individual voucher codes will be issued for each separate qualifying order. You can redeem one or more vouchers against further on-line purchases made in the first quarter of next year ... right through to March. We try to ensure that as many products as possible carry the voucher scheme but some are necessarily excluded from the scheme altogether. The voucher offer is clearly shown against the product or on the product page, usually right at the top of the page.


You buy a pair of seat swivels under the offer this year for 255.00 and qualify for a discount voucher code worth 25. Then you buy a toilet cassette in the early part of next year for the usual 92.95 plus carriage and quote your discount voucher code. After despatch we then refund the 25.00 value of your voucher. The refund is made against your second purchase payment and goes back to your credit or debit card or paypal account as appropriate. All this applies to on-line purchases only and calculations exclude carriage, refunds, returns, etc.

Are there any rules and restrictions?

Well yes there have to be a few. The initial purchase value has to be for 100 or more and the discount value itself is subject to a maximum of 100. These values cover the majority of on-line product purchases made on our site.  Redemption has to be during the first three months of the year. Any returns will be taken into account and their value deducted from the voucher calculation along with carriage costs. The offer only applies to pre-paid on-line orders for 'standard mainland UK' delivery with included VAT and excludes all post/packing/carriage.  The offer applies from publication date/s, not all product offers will be published at exactly the same time, no offers will be backdated even within same month.  Vouchers are not transferable  Vouchers may be redeemed at up to 50% of the purchase price, the minimum 'second' spend with the voucher is 50  A few items are excluded from this offer or have a modified offer but in these cases the product or product page will be clearly marked. Some pages of products are excluded altogether, temporarily or permanently, and those will clearly differ by not having the 'Offer' line at the top of the page.  Only one offer is allowed per purchase, so for example you might be able to opt for a free groundsheet with a Privacy room or a Members Discount where available or a Discount Voucher or a Special Offer price but not more than one offer per purchase.  Bargain-bin / 'bin-end' or 'sale' or 'special offer' items are always excluded

Summary:  Small print aside, this is quite an offer and entirely genuine - you can buy something you want now and get a discount voucher valued up to 100 to set against another purchase of 50 or more at up to 50% discount at any time next year until the end of March!  

How will it work in practice?

Following each of your qualifying purchases we will send an order acknowledgement as usual but also stating the discount value and redemption code. Occasionally these may have to follow in a separate email. Even if we fail to include these for some reason you can still claim as long as we have a qualifying order recorded.

Then to claim your voucher discount on a purchase you make at anytime up to March next year simply enter that redemption code into the message box on checkout. Our system will always charge full price for these goods but on receipt of the code we will check back on your order history to confirm your eligibility and will then refund the voucher value. We will be as prompt as we can with these refunds but can't guarantee they will be instant - and there has to be some modest delay in case of returns etc.

If you have any difficulty with that process just send us the code by email immediately following your completed checkout and we will carry out the same procedure. This scheme is closely tied to on-line purchases but if you are unable to make the 2nd purchase on-line due to some system problem we'll do our best to help by other means.

Is anything else affected?

No, all our usual terms apply, VAT is included in all prices, delivery is charged per order based on gross order value and is in any case free over 100 for 'standard delivery' - as per the carriage offer currently on-line.  'standard delivery', is to mainland UK excluding the 'Highlands' delivery zone.

Do I need a Quote?  No - all totals are calculated and displayed in our shopping basket before actual checkout. Please do use 'Add-to-Cart' to get your quote, check totals, and/or amend a basket at any time - including 'remove item' if you wish. The cart / basket contents will be remembered for a time so you can return to the same basket list to make amendments via the View Basket Button at the bottom of each shopping page or the View Cart link at top right of the home page. This still applies even after one of those annoying security 'time-outs' - our cart will not dump your shopping basket contents!  There are no identity or privacy issues, no logins, no commitment to buy, nor any money taken until you actually check-out with your card or with your PayPal account - always your choice.  And for your extra security no human ever sees your card or payment details other than the paid amount and address - so we can deliver.

Delays?  We do very occasionally have issues with the database system we use to manage the cashback payments. If yours has been delayed we do apologise, please remind us if necessary, we do endeavour to keep cashback payments reasonably prompt and up to date!

PS: Scripts are used on this page solely to offer you functions like 'Close Window'.


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