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Quick FAQs:

Am I being asked for money? - No!

What's It about then? - We will donate a percentage of our profit to charity every quarter.

What charities? - All Cancer related (for now).

Am I paying more for you to be able to do that? - No!

So how? - We're giving from our own earnings, prices are worked out on exactly the same basis as always.

Then why are you telling us about this? - We thought you'd like to know that every purchase you make here on contributes to cancer related causes, nationwide as well as locally to us.

Charity Giving & Cancer:

We've long been regular charity 'givers' in the our family, usually preferring regular donations to chosen charities & emergency disaster appeals rather than ad-hoc responses to TV spectaculars!  Great though those are!  Most of our donations have gone to those people - adults, children, families and animals - who are much less fortunate than ourselves both here and abroad.

Recently the family has been struck with some misfortune of its own with two of us diagnosed with cancer in just two years, a bit of a shock really. We've both been fortunate to receive truly fantastic care from our wonderful NHS and even more fantastic care from the wonderful people working there - who deal with this horrible disease with remarkable levels of care and compassion and skill on a daily basis. They've even managed to keep me working in this business during my treatment - albeit on a reduced level.

Cancer is not only horrible but it is also frighteningly common, various estimates suggest anywhere between a third and half of us will be touched by it in our lifetimes - 1:3 to 1:2 is really quite scary!

Naturally enough events and statistics like that make you sit back and think. My daughter was first with her diagnosis and she now engages in fundraising as a thank you response for all the care she has received. Naturally enough we've supported her in all this even though we're a bit old to go on marathons and fun runs! After my own diagnosis last year, we decided quite quickly that we'd like to add cancer related giving to our list. There's plenty to support - Cancer Research, Macmillan, our local Hospital's Cancer Units, local Hospices and more. And so, talking to several stakeholders not long ago about - to what - when - how much - resulted in me saying 'why don't we make it an intrinsic part of the business'?  We already try to bring an ethical dimension to our business complete with being mindful about environmental impacts so why not add cancer support into all that?  Rapid agreement all round I'm pleased to say!

So our plan is launched in 2020.

So How Much?

Not fixed in stone but it will be a sensible amount. We have profit reports every quarter so I plan to base it on the gross profit recorded there and to make sure we are donating enough - we plan to give 100s not 10s.

Thanks for reading all this - and we wish you all a long, happy and healthy life!!  Neill & Co

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