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  Acknowlegements, Receipts, Returns, Carriage, etc.    

Shopping.   What can I expect?   What happens next?   VAT and Carriage?   Returns?


Will I get an acknowledgement?

Is VAT included & what are the carriage charges?  Exports?

PayPay - I haven't got a PayPal account / don't want to use PayPal

Is it secure? Can I really give my credit card details here?

Are my details kept private?

OK I want to buy on-line - what do I do next?

OK I want to buy - but not on-line so how do I do that?

I've now checked out or given you my card details - what happens next?

I need a receipt - will I get one automatically? And how about VAT?

What about returns of faulty or non-faulty goods?

Are the pictures of the item I'll actually receive?

I'm with AOL is there anything special I need to do?

Do you export to other countries inside or outside Europe?

Why do I see references to hitmatic and should I worry about them?

Should I get an acknowledgement?

Yes - two by email  So please make sure the email address is correct! particular problems occur when relying on an email address registered with PayPal that isn't up to date - please just login and change it.

The card processor often PayPal or Worldpay will send a payment receipt and order summary automatically by email, usually instantly. We will send our order acknowledgement once we start to process your order, these acknowledgements are sent during normal hours and are not instant but normally go out within a working day after your order. Delays may occur if there are queries on specification, stock availability, etc. 

Is VAT included & what are the carriage charges?

Yes VAT is included in all our prices - as they should be on every retail page as best practice. VAT invoices are available on request and will follow separately from the goods by email. Zero-rated supplies are not generally possible.

We are proud that our standard carriage charges are very low compared to many of our competitors and that they are clearly visible in your shopping basket before checkout -

For more info on carriage - offshore Europe - exports please see our new Carriage FAQs page (click)


PayPal - I don't have an account

PayPal - I don't want to use my old PayPal account

NB: For additional and latest information please see our Checkout Hints FAQ page (click)

You don't have to have a PayPal account you can just pay with your credit card as you would with any on-line payment provider. In this case PayPal just act as the card merchant, like WorldPay, Barclays, etc.

When you proceed to the Secure Checkout there are two options, one to checkout via a PayPal branded button and a second plain checkout button. If following the plain route ignore any encouragement to login and follow links like ...

... Pay with a debit or credit card

... Checkout as a Guest

... don't have a PayPal account ... continue

Just click on that 'Pay with' or 'Guest' or 'continue' link to be taken to the Card Details screen, this is very similar but with a set of boxes for you to fill in your card details. All this is still administered by PayPal but outside of their 'account' system and now only operating as a card processor.

As well as taking monies from your card they will of course ask for the information needed for us to process and deliver your order.

If you have difficulties with this you can ring us on 01789 778825.

For info: PayPal Customer Service are on 0870 7 307 191.

PayPal "can only discuss an account with the account holder, we cannot do this for you. Please have the following information available when you call: Your telephone number. Your email address. The last four digits of your credit card or bank account registered with PayPal."


Is it secure?

Yes clicking on an Add to Basket button takes you to a certificated secure shopping page using a 128 bit encryption key (the highest commercially available). This protects your confidential information in transit. Once your information reaches PayPal - our card payment processor - it resides on a server that is heavily guarded both physically and electronically and is not even connected to the internet. This is the same level of security you would expect from your own bank and card issuer. Your financial details are never transmitted by email and nor do they ever appear outside the transaction between you and the card payment processor. Your financial information is never seen by anyone at, we are just told that you've paid - this is much higher security than the processing on many other sites.


Privacy.  Are my details kept private?

Yes they are. We respect your privacy so, quite apart from the security described above, you can rest assured that your other personal details that we do see, address, email, contact numbers, etc., are used solely to process your order. They are not used for other purposes nor passed to any third parties except where required to fulfil your order.


OK I want to buy on-line - what happens next?

1. Once you've found a product you wish to buy click on the 'Add to Basket' button alongside the selected product. You can increase quantities or remove products later if you wish.

2. A new 'Shopping Basket' window will pop-up showing your added product(s) and prices including VAT. This is driven by a PayPal Secure Server. PayPal are our on-line credit card services provider, you don't need a PayPal account to use this checkout. In Internet Explorer and Chrome you will see the padlock symbol indicating the secure server. This window will stay open until you finish the checkout process or choose to close it. It may 'time out' if you spend some time with it open but you can return to the window with all its contents intact by clicking on our View Basket button found at the bottom of each shopping page.

3. You can repeat this Add to Basket process as often as you like to build up a multiple item shopping basket. Optionally you can print this page as a record of your shopping basket items but PayPal will email you a receipt later. The 'Continue Shopping' button conveniently sends you back to the page you came from.

4. To increase quantities in the Shopping Basket simply type over the number in the Qty box and click the 'Update Basket' button.

5. To remove a product from the Shopping Basket, click once on the 'Remove' link - or on some screens click in the 'Remove' box and then click on the 'Update Basket' button.

6. Once your basket contains all you want, click on a 'Secure Checkout' button to start the checkout process. You may be offered two routes at this stage, via a PayPal login or a 'plain' exit using your card. If pressed for a login but wishing to pay via card just keep ignoring or bypassing it! - A 'Pay by card' or 'Checkout as a Guest' or 'don't have a PayPal account' link will be offered during the checkout process.

7. The next page will show the order total value including GB mainland postage & packing* if any. Optionally you can print this page as a record of the total cost but PayPal will in any case email you a receipt later.
* Carriage, postage, insurance, etc are for mainland GB excluding highlands delivery zone.

8. If still offered choose your payment route - do login if you have a PayPal account or Click on the "Continue" link near the "If you do not currently have a PayPal account ... continue".  Note: if you do already have a PayPal account but you want to simply pay by credit card you might need to give an email address that is different to the one you registered with PayPal. You also may need to log-out from PayPal if you didn't do so last time you used their services. Please note the address given on and card details screen must match your card statement aaddress. A delivery address is a separate issue.

9. Respond to the checkout questions, card name & address, correct email, correct card type & details, etc.

Do note that on the card details page it is essential to enter a valid and error-free email address - your receipts and your order confirmation will be sent there but they will only arrive if it is absolutely correct!

AOL users NB: You should add and possibly to your address book (or 'friend' / white list). If you don't you probably won't receive any of our receipts, order confirmations and order or delivery updates because AOL will probably block the emails as spam!  The vast majority of our email 'bounces' are from AOL and to some extent Hotmail accounts, so please do it now!

10. It is also important to give us a telephone number for delivery. Your order will not be processed without this information. Please make sure it is suitable for use when deliveries are made - i.e. during the working week.  If not please give us an alternative address - work, neighbour, etc.

11. Optionally you can type in a short 'message to seller' too. Note that deliveries normally have to be signed for, so "leave in porch" won't have any effect!  However if you are out our carrier will leave a card and you can re-arrange delivery with them direct, again Mon-Fri 8am-6pm approx.

12. Complete the checkout. See below for - After I've paid - what happens next?


OK I want to buy - but not on-line how do I do that?

1. Telephone us on 01789-778825 with your card details. You may sometimes get a strange ring tone if your call is redirected - at our cost - to one of our mobiles.

As a mostly internet based business we don't man the phones all the time but do promise to return calls reasonably promptly. It is best to leave a message asking us to ring for your order, just ringing repeatedly is unlikely to produce a result.  Also for your convenience we are often available to receive & make calls during early evening up to about 8 pm. 

For your added security any card details that we take manually are security shredded after use.

 2. It helps greatly if you email us separately with your name, address, delivery address if different and delivery telephone numbers. All this helps to prevent errors.

A recent UK survey found that an astonishing 37% of all telephone calls contain errors & untruths while it is much lower for emails at 14% - that's still very high so please do take particular care to give us accurate addresses, phone numbers, and especially your current email.

3. You can also post orders and cheques to us. You may wish to email or telephone first for help and/or instructions.


After I've paid - what happens next?

1. You will receive your payment receipt by email. Receipts will only arrive if you give us your correct email address! They will come almost instantly direct from PayPal if you order on-line or from WorldPay if you order by phone. PayPal and WorldPay are our card services providers. Your bank statement may show or Neill King Partnership or abbreviations of those.

2. Soon afterwards you will receive a confirmation of your order from us, again by email. This will contain all our contact details including our postal address as well as full details of your order  These emails may take a little longer at weekends. This is an opportunity for you to check that the details are correct so please look out for this email and check it and/or let us know if you don't receive it within four days. Otherwise there is no need to contact us again except to correct an error which should always be done as soon as possible. Please advise of non-receipt within 7 days of purchase or acknowledgement email.

3. The goods are then despatched, usually the same or next working day and will arrive on the delivery schedule stated on the main pages, mostly one or two days from despatch. A lot of goods go out on the same day and are sent or posted either overnight or on a two working day service, a few products like memory foam take a week or so, all as described on the product pages.

4. On receipt please do inspect your parcel immediately for any signs of damage however small and sign as damaged if any outer packet damage is found. In any case please open the parcel immediately and inspect the goods for damage or shortage. Many carriers will not accept late claims and the worst case scenario is being stuck with damaged goods.

5. IF there is a problem we will contact you as soon as we can by email and possibly phone to resolve any errors, omissions, special order items, late deliveries, or even to arrange refunds so please ensure you give us a current, accurate, monitored, and fully functional email address.

6. If you have a problem please do the same - contact us as soon as possible. Please do not put new products away in store for weeks on end and then tell us you have a problem months later!!!


Need a VAT receipt?

Not sent routinely but readily available. Simply email to request one. VAT receipts/invoices will follow separately from the goods by email, maybe several days later.



In the rare case where a return is necessary please email us first to discuss and for advice and for returns authorisation and instructions. We will normally ask for a reason for the return before issuing an RMA, this information may be used to improve product and service descriptions where appropriate. Our generally large and/or heavy goods are expensive to move round so we do not operate a try before you buy policy nor do we issue return labels.

Any returns of non-faulty items must be of saleable quality, this means in as-new condition and normally in undamaged product packaging. You have a right to examine the goods but with that goes a responsibility to conserve packaging as far as reasonably possible, many of our products can be examined without opening packets and most can be opened and reclosed without destroying the packaging. Save the planet and unnecessary expense - please do take some care. 

The costs involved are return postage or carriage and any insurance, possibly plus a rare reworking charge if the return is in poor condition. It is necessary to state this because of the bad behaviour of just a few individuals, it is unlikely to apply to normal customers.

Consumer law allows 14 days for you to 'change your mind', we are not rigid about this but do expect you to open your delivery promptly and to report a change of mind or damage or shortage as quickly as you can. Some carriers ask for damage or shortage reports within 24 hours, most within 7 days.

Where a genuine need exists we will do our utmost to help with all this and in the very rare case where goods are faulty or if we are at fault we will of course underwrite these costs ourselves.

Please note that you must have a returns authorisation and return address instructions. Under no circumstances will returns be accepted unauthorised nor at the administration office address given on order confirmations and emails. This is for your protection as well as ours, ignoring this can lead to loss.



We try to use images that represent the product exactly or at least closely. Manufacturers make product changes from time to time and do not always provide new images along with the change, so there may in some cases be differences between the picture displayed on our site and the current product. All pictures on this site must therefore be considered 'for illustrative purposes only'.


Accurate Description?

Yes as far - as we can make it!  In general we use the manufacturers own descriptions. Those are substantially correct but manufacturers do retain the right to make modifications from time to time and we must pass on that claim. We do try to keep up with all changes but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy 100% of the time - we try but 100% simply isn't possible. We also add our own opinions occasionally, they will be fairly obvious with phrases like "we think..."; these are just our honest opinions so please note that they are not part of the manufacturer's specification.



We regularly ship to Ireland, North & South and most of Europe at cost typically our 'Ireland/Europe C' service but do not generally export to worldwide destinations like US, OZ, RU, etc., we can however ship to a UK forwarding address for OZ, Africa, etc, for customers to arrange their own forwarding - and then of course their own returns if applicable. In this case the transaction is regarded as wholly UK based so UK spec, retail law, and established custom apply. A suitable personal export and forwarding service is provided by who offer you a permanent UK 'Membership' address for repeat use for goods from any UK supplier to be forwarded at your cost. For channel Islands check out

For more info on offshore carriage and to to Europe - please see our new Carriage FAQs page (click)


If you have any difficulties or concerns please email 


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