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Camping Gaz: Extremely well known and widely available all over Europe, Camping Gaz and Camping Gaz appliances have been the favourite lightweight and outdoor camper range for decades. "Campingaz expertly combines innovation and originality for your outdoor enjoyment, creating inspired products that allow you to make the most of shared moments outdoors". We're pleased to now bring you their core range and also to be able to supply full Gaz Cartridges (canisters) and empty Gaz Cylinders via mail order. We focus below on the increasingly popular resealable range and also on the 'Easy Clic' versions where applicable. For more information about the extensive Campingaz range along with their recommended cartridges or cylinders please visit (new window).  Top tip for the small stoves, if you want extra stability for bigger pans consider using the bigger CV470 cartridge. PgDn to browse & Buy ...

Gas & Gas Bottle Info: The larger stoves and 'camp kitchens' are designed to run off the 901/904/907 series cylinders with a separate regulator. They will also run perfectly well on standard 'Calor Gas' Butane or Propane bottles too - just use the right regulator for the gas in use.

NB: The cartridges & cylinders illustrated here are not included with the products so please order these separately. Most of the lighter appliances below operate on the CV270+, CV300+ or CV470+



Bluejet CV300 Stove

Robust wider case, better stability, cartridge easily removed for transport etc, new wider pan supports 1200w. 2hr 40 min.


Twister Plus

Easy Clic, 263g, 2900W adjustable, 1hr on CV270+,  3 folding arms, integrated heat & windshield, case.


Twister Plus PZ

Easy Clic, 274g, 2900W adjustable, 1hr on CV270+, Piezo ign, folding arms, integrated heat/windshield, case.


Twister carry cases included with the stoves pictured left


Lumogaz Plus

Easy Clic, 280g, 80W, 6hrs on CV270+,  globe protection guard, suspension wire.


Lumostar Plus

Easy Clic, 247g, 80W, 6hrs on CV270+,  globe protection guard, suspension wire, easy mantle access.


Lumostar Plus PZ

Easy Clic, 247g, 80W, 6hrs on CV270+,  globe guard, suspension wire, easy mantle access, Piezo ign, case.


Stellia CV

Easy Clic, 1500g, 160W, Ultra bright 2-mantle lantern with large globe, built in reflector & stabiliser. Requires CV470+. 

Small Cookers  -  running directly on Gaz canisters


Camp Bistro

High power 2300W burner, safety cartridge locking system, Piezo ign, enamelled support, alloy burner, case, 35x28cm. NB: Uses CP250 cartridge only.



Camping Duo Plus CV

Compact 2-burner stove with integrated windshield and folding legs.

1.8Kg. 1500W x2

Runs 4½hrs on CV470+



Camping Duo Plus R

Compact 2-burner stove with integrated windshield and folding legs.

2Kg. 1500W x2

Runs 15hrs on R907


Party Grill & Bag

1350W 2.3Kg.

2½hrs on CV270 and 4½hrs on CV470

Non-stick channelled cooking plate. Use as griddle or stove. Piezo.

Larger Cookers  -  running via a regulator from Gaz or other Gas/LPG cylinders/bottles

8 Low pressure appliances below typically run on the 904/907 and other Butane - Propane bottles


Camping Chef

2x 2300W + 1100W grill. 5.8Kg  52.5x31x22h 

Uses 904/907/But/Prop Ceramic radiant grill. Folds flat. Tubing & clips


Camping Kitchen Grill

2300W + 1700W 6Kg  53.5x33.5x12h  2-in-1 griddle or twin stove Uses 904/907/But/Prop


Camping Kitchen

As left but without the grill/griddle plate.

Use on camp table or floor. To 9½hrs on 907.



Low profile stove with high power burners and non-scratch feet.

2.1 Kg. 50x30cm 2x 2000W Use on camp table or floor. Up to 9½hrs on a 907.


Camping Chef Plus with stand & bag

As Camping Chef but with added comfort of easy store adjustable legs.

Makes great toast too, always a campsite issue!

Uses 904/907/But/Prop


Camping Kitchen Plus

As Camping Kitchen Grill but with added comfort of easy store adjustable legs.

Uses 904/907/But/Prop


Camping Kitchen Plus

Shown here with the included grill/griddle plate in use. As Camping Kitchen Grill but with added comfort of easy carry & store adjustable legs.

Uses 904/907/But/Prop


Camping Kitchen Extra

As the Camping Kitchen Plus but with added dual purpose cupboard/bag.

Uses 904/907/But/Prop

8 Low pressure appliances above typically run on the 904/907 and other Butane - Propane bottles

Gaz Canisters, Cylinders & other Accessories


2B Stove Carrying Bag

Coated polyester, webbing, zips, 57x35x14



C206 Cartridge

190g Pierceable type


CP250 Cartridge

250g For Camp Bistro

Camping Kitchen Extra Stowage

Showing the dual purpose cupboard being used as a carrying bag


CV270 Cartridge

230g Easy Clic self seal


CV300 Cartridge

240g Easy Clic selfseal


CV470 Cartridge

450g Easy Clic selfseal


Campingaz Regulator

Screw-in The real thing!


Bottle Cover



901 Cylinder - Empty



904 - Cylinder Empty


907 - Cylinder Empty

NB: All 900 series cylinders are supplied empty - as required for mail order.

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Campingaz Products

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Cartridges and Cylinders - Campingaz   (NB not to NI / CI / IoM etc)


C206 GLS Pierce Cartridge  4-pack



CP250 Cartridge  4-pack sleeve

Alternative 71220 sometimes shipped, same fit not CG brand



CV270 Plus Cartridge  Easy-Clic 2-pack See CV300 ...



CV300 Plus Cartridge  Easy-Clic 2-pack



CV470 Plus Cartridge  Easy-Clic 2-pack


Cylinders   Sold empty for safe transport. 
Buy your refill locally - and easily all over Europe.


901 Cylinder Empty - without Gas (no handle)



904 Cylinder Empty - without Gas



907 Cylinder Empty - without Gas



Cylinder Cover - big enough to fit 907  (bottle cover)



Campingaz Regulator screw-in for above  (genuine CG!)


Easy-Clic Cartridge Appliances - Campingaz


Bluejet CV300 Stove 203398



Twister Plus Stove



Twister Plus PZ Stove



Lumostar Plus Lantern.  (easy detach globe) 



Lumostar  Plus PZ Lantern.  (easy detach globe)



Stellia CV Lantern.  Low stock


LP Cylinder Appliances - Campingaz


Camp Bistro Portable Stove  (NB: CP250 cartridge only) Low stock



Camping Duo Plus R   2-Burner Stove  (for cylinders) 
Low stock



Party Grill & Bag Set  (use as grill or stove with CV270/470) Low stock


Items below are LP stoves to run off the 901-904-907 cylinders via a CG Regulator - order separately.


Camping Chef - very popular  (twin stove with grill/toaster)



Camping Chef Plus - v. popular  (as above with stand & bag)  Low stock



Camping Kitchen  (twin stove)  Low stock



Camping Kitchen Grill  (twin stove with grill/griddle plate).  Low



Camping Kitchen Grill Plus  (as above with stand) .



Camping Kitchen Extra (as Kitchen Grill Plus + cupboard/bag)



Lagon Low Profile Twin Stove (design without lid)



Stove Carrying Bag  (suits 2-burner models)


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