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  Beauclaire Gas Barbeques discounted  &  some Cadac    

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* Supply problems on Beauclaire continue into 2017, sorry. *
* Nothing being manufactured by them at the moment *

 Some Cadac available as further below (currently suspended) ...

Revised & improved 2014-on model, same classic burner & griddle If the Beauclaire is new to you, maybe you’re not familiar with its key advantages - sturdiness - quality of cooking - simplicity - ease of cleaning - weight economy - and quick ‘packability’. Rave reviews for years. Ask any Beauclaire user and you'll become convinced. Try it & join them!

"We used the BBQ today and it was great. Much better than the old one
even before it stopped fully working".

New Version:  'Original' - but the 2014-on Version: Now with improved one-piece legs as illustrated right. Other significant changes include improved griddle retainers and a tougher spec burner unit. New Oven Domes are optionally available for both Original and Light - for that unique outdoor oven-cooked flavour. Beauclaire Family Light has a new 18mm thick double-sided griddle plate, heavy duty, part ridged, part smooth and all non-stick. Light seems to be a great idea for motorhomers with their payload issues and the revised thicker version is said to cook really well. We use one of the older thinner ones and that's already very good!

Infinite cooking variety:  Long established - for over 15 years - as a favourite among the caravanning and motorcaravanning fraternity and now even better with a host of 2011 improvements and of course the lightweight version too. With the Beauclaire gas bbq system virtually every form of cooking can be achieved with ease and success. Breakfast, BBQ, pizzas, fish, steamed / boiled / barbecued vegetables, risotto, paella, stir fry, snacks and more!  The reborn and revised spec 2011 versions are produced on new tooling to regain that original and traditional quality feel - we're really glad to see it back better than ever!  The paella pan, oven dome, and carry bags are now optional extras unless specifically listed in a set like the deluxe.  Bagged size approx 560x470x170/220 mm. Rated 28-50mbar.

Features:  Perfect heat coverage. The Beauclaire burner’s unique flame pattern allows the use of larger griddles and pans, with no hot spots!  And now improved even further. Accurate heat control. From very low flame for most cooking, up to very hot indeed - hotter than most kitchen rings - perfect for stir-frying!  ‘Immediate’. Within two minutes of lighting the Beauclaire is ready for cooking. No mess. No more dripping fat, coagulated coals or lava rock. When cooking is finished, just wash the griddle or pan or oven dome. Flat pack. Packs down flat for easy storage and transport, ideal for motorhomes. Optional. Specially designed, tough and very hard-wearing bag, with pockets for legs and griddle. Buy Below >>>

Beauclaire Original Family BBQ:  This tough, durable BBQ consists of a unique-design gas burner giving superb heat coverage, with no hot spots, detachable legs for easy storage, a separate and very effective but easy-on windshield, double-sided cast iron griddle with heat dispersing handles and optionally a paella/general purpose pan/s, and a tough neoprene base reinforced carry bag of some quality. The gas burner is enamelled to protect against eventually burning through. The unique flame pattern combined with the casting of the griddle gives an unbeatable combination for the best possible cooking. The burner windshield is light weight and more effective against the wind and for cleaning. One side of the griddle is smooth, for breakfast, pancakes, fish, or as a hotplate for boiling or steaming vegetables, kettle etc, the other side is ridged for the classic griddle BBQ.  Optional: large enamelled pan is ideal for risotto, stir fry, or a big fry-up - as well as a real paella. Cooks for 6-7. 12kg.   Buy Below >>>

Beauclaire Light Family BBQ:  This new version of the Beauclaire bbq is for anyone for whom weight is important - so for motorcaravanners in particular!?  Nearly identical to the Beauclaire Original, above, but with the key difference of a new lightweight griddle generously sized and a thick casting too, not a pressing. This means that if the temperature control is correctly set the food will be perfectly cooked everywhere on the griddle with no burning. Just as good as the cast iron Original but it is 4kg lighter and coated with an industrial quality non-stick surface, it has a smooth area for eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, fish etc, and a ridged area for the rest of breakfast or for cooking a classic BBQ.  For 2011 the reverse is truly the opposite with a mostly smooth surface with a small ribbed area. Cooks for 6-7. 8kg  Buy Below >>>

Our View:  Ideal for a wide range of applications and bottled gases being rated for 28/37mbar or 30mbar or 50mbar use (separate regulator or regulated gas supply needed). Beauclaire products are excellent with a strong well spread flame with an efficiently shielded burner ring and with the much more controllable griddle based cooking than is possible on open grid BBQs. The generously sized griddles mean you can cook for many people even though the whole thing packs down into a sensibly sized bag.  The new Light version in particular is ideal for motorhomes with weight restrictions.  If the extra few kilograms aren't a problem the cast iron version is preferred by some bbq cooks - I have a slight preference for it myself.  We've tried a few BBQs ourselves but the Beauclaire is now the one we take everywhere with us. I've even installed an external BBQ point to make setting up even easier.

Delivery:  Carrier collection for Beauclaire comes quite early so it would be wise to allow a couple of days, weekday overnight is possible but only for very early orders (or previous pm/evening of course).

Cadac BBQs:  "Live the Braai Life!"

NB: NO regulator or hose is supplied, these are best matched to your bottle or bbq-point locally.

Carri Chef MK2 BBQ Plancha Combo: c/w Dome.
Ideal for barbequing, frying, grilling and oven roasting with its split griddle-flat plate 'plancha'. This camping or home BBQ is built to last and comes with a cast non-stick BBQ top, dome lid, pot stand & bag.

Cadac Grillogas: Reversible Grill, Paella Pan & Dome Lid Combo. Comes with an aluminium 36cm reversible top with one side ribbed and one side smooth. The ribbed side is perfect for grilling steaks and fish, while the flat side is ideal for cooking the traditional breakfast.

Safari Chef 2:  Compact, highly portable and versatile gas BBQ, less than 4kg, includes four interchangeable cooking surfaces - pot stand, BBQ top, non-stick flat griddle & pot / dome lid - all packed into a convenient carry bag. Ideal for camping, hiking, fishing, sports, etc.

Items pictured above right are   -  Safari Chef  -  Grillogas  -  Carri Chef Plancha

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Beauclaire & Cadac Gas Barbeques


Cadac BBQs  (sales suspended, sorry)

Part No





CADAC Carri Chef 2 BBQ-Plancha Combo Set
Part of the world famous Carri Chef range and pictured above right-right, includes a dual griddle-flat 'Plancha' plate



CADAC 47cm Deluxe cover for Carri Chef above
Price - only when ordered along with the BBQ



CADAC Safari Chef 2  (LP - Low Pressure)
The renowned ultra portable Safari Chef range and pictured above right-left, includes a great little carry bag too



CADAC Grillogas BBQ / Paella Pan Combo
Intermediate size & power at 37/8cm dia and pictured above right-middle, thermometer in dome like its big brother



CADAC 37cm cover for Grillogas above
Price - only when ordered along with the BBQ



Beauclaire's new Range

NB: Product shortages mid 2016 and on into 2017 - 2018 - 2019
- not being manufactured right now so no more stock arriving anytime soon!

Part No





Beauclaire Family Light Set
Burner & Windshield, Legs, Cast Aluminium double-sided, non-stick Griddle, Mittens, Excess Fat Drip Can.



Oven Dome for Light



Beauclaire Family Original Set
Burner & Windshield, Legs, Cast Iron double-sided enamelled Griddle Plate



Oven Dome for Original



Paella Pan 42cm for Family Size *  (O/S Spring 2016!)
Only with BBQs for time being * 



Paella Pan 36cm for Small/Family Size * 
Only with BBQs for time being * 



Beauclaire Carry Bag *
Only with BBQs or Domes for time being *



Beauclaire Griddle Bag(Takes just the griddle)
Only with BBQs or Domes for time being *



* Want one or both of these starred items on their own?  Carriage is the problem on larger low value items but we can supply if you pay this extra amount as an add-to-cart



Beauclaire Light Griddle Plate (only) 42cm cast aluminium non-stick griddle plate



Beauclaire Light deluxe Set
Light plus Dome plus Carry Bag.  Great Gift!



Beauclaire Original deluxe Set
Original plus Dome plus Carrying Bag.  Great Gift!


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