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  Omnistor 1200 / Caravan Style - Bag Awnings    

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The New and improved version of 'caravan style' - now with 2.5m projection on most sizes so Quickfit and Easylink room compatible!

User-friendly and Light Bag Awning:  The new Omnistor 1200 is an extremely user-friendly and light awning with a modern appearance and attractive price. It is the best manual awning for caravans and smaller vehicles, now available and in two new colours. Both are routinely stocked in all listed sizes for prompt delivery. NB Please note that an accessory 'Room' is not available for this awning.  More details as described by Omnistor ...

Features:  • The awning can be installed by simply sliding the awning into the existing rail. No drilling is necessary. • Largest projection for a bag awning up to 2.50m (except for the lengths 2.30m and 2.60m with a projection of 2.00m and 2.20m). • Exclusive fabric tensioning system with pump-buckle technology ensures a perfect fabric tension. • The simultaneous swing-out of the support and tension legs makes an easy and fast set-up of the awning possible. • Integrated fitting for an easy fixation of an awning tent. • Top quality, durable, weatherproof and colour fast PVC-coated fabric to protect against UV and rain. • The awning is rolled open and closed manually. • Available in different lengths and fabric colours. • 9.00 kg - 20.00 kg.

Operation:  The awning is operated by hand. The support arms and tension rafters are equipped with the quick lock system, without any doubt the most user-friendly system on the market. The roller tube also being the front profile of the new Omnistor Caravan is cylindrical. Because of this the fabric can be easily and smoothly wound in and out. The royal length of the front profile makes sure that the fabric is much wider than awnings from other brands. Furthermore the front profile is more robust because of the larger diameter. The support arms and tension rafters are stored in the front profile and can easily be released. The feet of the support arms can be located into the plastic brackets when fixed to the vehicle wall or to the ground using the pegs supplied. Supplied suction pads make sure the pressure of the tension rafters on a soft caravan wall is evenly distributed. A supplementary rafter is standard from 4m upwards but cannot be used on shorter models. All parts are stored in a zipped PVC cover that can be slid easily into the caravan awning rail. (Diagram on request).

Accessories:  All except the two smallest sizes are now 2.50m Projection so take many of the standard accessories including the new G2 Blocker ranges - 'Smartpanels' - plus the new Windscreen and also the excellent Easylink & Quickfit Rooms. There is even a special rail to link these to the 1200 and a new dedicated tension rafter.

Our view:  Ideal on smaller vehicles or where budget is very important.  Buy Below >>>

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Omnistor 1200 / Caravanstyle & Accessories

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Omnistor 1200  =  'Caravan Style'

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Caravan 1200  2.30 x 2.00 7.5Kg




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Caravan 1200  3.50 x 2.50 11Kg




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Caravan 1200  4.00 x 2.50 13Kg




Caravan 1200  4.25 x 2.50 13Kg




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New Rafter for new 1200  (replaces Caravanstyle)


Please see the new Smartpanels page for the new G2 2.5m projection Blocker system (click)

307906 50000038

Hold down kit - traditional  (highly recommended)


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Hold down - New Sides Kit Pr highly recommended

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