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  Xtend & Climb Telescopic Ladders & Access Platforms    

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Note these are all trade quality items with the latest safety features and 3 or 5 year guarantees.

Fantastic easy access product ideal for motorhomes!  The amazing original Xtend & Climb offers easy storage plus great reach and intermediate locking of any number of sections makes these ladders brilliant for motorhome access, cleaning and maintenance. They enhance security too because you can have full access to your roof without offering local villains a fixed ladder to climb up!  The Xtend & Climb is now enhanced with easier and smoother opening and closing but still with all the essential elements of the original quality innovation. The original concept is now made as the even tougher Pro version while at the same time a new lighter weight Trade Plus version has been introduced too with a reach of 3.2m. NB: An Xtend & Climb Warning: "We are aware of cheap and not so cheap telescopic ladder copies for sale on auction sites such as Ebay. Customers should be aware that the Xtend & Climb telescopic ladder is a highly engineered product, tested to EN131 European Standards" These imported telescopic ladder copies simply may not be the safe well made product offered here.

Choose Xtend & Climb Pro for its remarkable 0.81 to 3.8m 13-rung reach, 150 Kg working load, 13.7 Kgs weight and 5 year warranty. Designed with the demanding needs of contractors and surveyors in mind, you can open the Pro rung by rung to exactly the height you need. The new ergonomic design with comfortable and responsive lock tabs make for smoother adjustment, both up and down extends and locks rung by rung compacts down to a remarkable 0.81m  stores easily in your boot, under a desk, in a cupboard or locker / garage or even temporarily in a footwell padded carrying handle clean-touch anodised finish optional carry bag  150Kg workload capacity EN131 3.80m reach 13.7Kg 5 year warranty.
(Pro pictured below left with the now obsolete Home version pictured below right)  Buy Below >>>

Choose Xtend & Climb Trade Plus for its compact 0.82 to 3.2m 11-rung reach, 150 Kg working load, and 14 Kgs weight. Designed with the great functionality of the Pro but for lighter duty use around house and home - and motorhome. Great for getting into the loft or up to any hard to reach places, you can open the Trade Plus version rung by rung to exactly the height you need. Trade Plus has been re-designed using a unique square section for lighter applications. Enjoy amazing comfort and stability with extra-deep offset rungs. The compact design features a new no pinch system and extends to a remarkable 3.20m. Ideal for getting into the loft or up to those hard to reach places around the office. Just open it up, rung by rung, to your desired height and away you go. Compacts down to 0.82m, stores almost anywhere, in your boot, under a desk, in a cupboard or locker / garage or even temporarily in a car or van footwell, clean-touch anodised finish, EN131, variable 0.82 - 3.3m reach, 14Kg, 11 rung, 3 year warranty.  Buy Below >>>

Motorhome roof access?  We're often asked what height platform is needed to comfortably wash a motorhome roof. The answer obviously varies a bit depending on your height and arm length. We can't alter those for you but we can say the answer is the difference between two heights ... the motorhome roof and your underarm to floor measurement. I'm 6 foot tall in old money but for these sums I'll go metric, if my motorcaravan is 2.9m high and my underarm measurement is ~1.4m then the minimum platform height I need is 2.9 - 1.4 = 1.5m. In practice a bit more is handy because it is more comfortable to be slightly above the work. In this case the 1.68m Platform Ladder or the 1.7m Mini Fold Work Deck are the best for me. 

Work-Deck / Multi-function Steps:  A multi-purpose work station for all those jobs around the house and garden including washing, inspecting and maintaining your motorhome. Use it as a mini-scaffold for hanging wallpaper or trimming low-mdm-level hedges and for getting access to the top of your motorcaravan. The adjustable side sections allow you to alter the scaffold for use on stairs – great for painting and papering.  Or you can use it as an A-frame step, an extension ladder or even a stairwell ladder. Robust six-way aluminium Work Deck Adjustable scaffold heights 0.70m spreader bars for additional stability • 0.36m x 1.22m platform 3-year warranty 150kg capacity EN131 • Max Platform Height 1m • Max Step Height 1.75m • Overall Height 1.95m 13kg.  Buy Below >>>

Pinnacle Mini Fold Work Deck:  The bees knees for easy reach up to 3m+!  Storage space may be limited or you might need to get through a smallish space to get to your motorhome. A stepladder would do the job but if you want a bit more comfort and stability this Mini Fold Work Deck is definitely the answer for a full sized 'van! It is lightweight and robust and folding so ideal for one person use. Just unfold, fit the board, lock the castors and then use to gain high access. An optional extra guardrail pack is available for those slightly higher jobs or for extra security. The Mini Fold is easily manoeuvrable where space is limited, folding flat for storage, and transporting comfortably in a small van or on a rook rack, it is easy to push through doorways too. A variable platform height of up to 1.7m will give good access to both motorcaravan sides and to a roof of over 3m. Features: • Six optional platform levels Non slip platform board Four lockable castors 5-year warranty 150kg work load HD1004 Class 3 • Overall Height 1.8m • Variable Platform Height of 0.20m - 1.70m 0.70 x 1.50m x 32Kg. Optional Mini Fold Guard increases overall height to 2.8m, 15Kg.  Buy Below >>>

Steps, Stepladders, Platform Steps:  Sometimes steps are simply the best option for that extra reach. Choose from a range of great steps and stepladders running from compact handy steps to workmanlike platform steps for extra reach. All are top quality commercial grade products for your extra comfort and security. I don't know about you but I'm not happy wobbling about high up on cheap steps and ladders! Our range with platform or top-tread heights from 0.45 to 1.68m caters for most domestic needs

Little Giant Safety Step:  Steps with attitude! Sometimes also known as Little Jumbo, they comes in 2, 3 & 4 tread versions. The Little Giant brand is a true mark of quality and this 5 year warranty safety step is no exception. The aircraft quality aluminium is precision engineered to stand the rigours of commercial use. The treads are generous in size, providing assured footing in all environments and the operating mechanism is smooth and efficient for easy set up. The folding safety bar locks in position offering further stability and a tool tray designed to hold anything from a small paint tin to screwdrivers and hand tools. Tip ‘n’ glide wheels make the Little Giant Safety Step easy to manoeuvre too - making it ideal for those low-level jobs but where any old step just won’t do. • Rugged construction Compact folded size Large ‘stairway’ type treads • Folding safety bar with tool tray on 3 & 4 tread versions • 5-year warranty 150kg work load capacity • EN14183:  2 tread, 0.45m top step, 0.80m closed height, 7kg 3 tread 0.68m top tread, 1.11m closed, 9kg 4 tread 0.91m top tread 1.42m closed, 11.5kg.  Buy Below >>>

Step-Stools / High Back Kitchen Steps:  Steel steps in chrome or white finish with large rubber mat treads for safety while climbing. Often used in shops & offices due to the robust design and the knee+ high support when standing on the top tread. 3 yr warranty. 150 Kg workload. Chrome versions • 2 tread 0.47m top tread 0.97m closed 5Kg. • 3 tread 0.72m to tread 1.41m closed 8Kg and • in White 0.47m 1.16m closed.  Buy Below >>>

Kick Step:  Classic Kik-Step usually supplied in blue but pale blue, grey, and black are usually available on request. Steel construction, 3 year warranty, 150Kg capacity. 0.43m (17") high.

Summit Signature Platform Step Ladders: Astonishing value in a quality platform step with deluxe features and 5-year warranty. A revolution in stepladder technology, Signature raises the benchmark in commercial stepladders. The anodised aluminium finish allows clean-touch usage in all environments. The smart and novel design of the self-locking platform allows for one hand operation, plus the clever carry handle doubles up to lock the stiles together, making it easy to carry from job to job or garden to motorhome. The integrated handy tool tray includes two secure compartments for screws and nails that close automatically when the step is folded, very clever!. The addition of a paper towel rail is a neat feature to keep everything at hand. A truly great product for householders and motorcaravanners alike. • Clean-touch anodised aluminium Simple one-hand deployment Non-marking anti-skid feet • Integrated tool tray with locking compartments Dual purpose lock and carry handle 5-year warranty 150kg work load capacity EN131. 4 tread 1.27m platform height, 1.91m closed height, 12kg. 5 tread, 1.48m platform, 2.22m closed, 14kg.  6 tread, 1.68m platform, 2.53m closed, 16.5kg.  The 5 and 6 tread units give proper access to most taller motorhomes and all in greater safety than with cheap steps.  Buy Below >>>

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Xtend & Climb Pro 3.80m Extending Ladder



Carrying Bag for Pro version of Xtend & Climb



Xtend & Climb Trade Plus 3.2m Extending Ladder



Horizon Multi-step / Work Deck 1.00m Max Plat Ht



Mini Fold Work Deck 1.7m Max Platform Height

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Accessory Guard Pack for Mini Fold above



Little Giant Safety Steps - 2 tread 0.45m



Little Giant Safety Steps - 3 tread 0.68m



Little Jumbo Safety Steps - 4 tread 0.91m



Step-Stools / High Back Kitchen Safety Steps

2 tread chrome, 0.47m top tread



Step-Stools / High Back Kitchen Safety Steps

3 tread chrome, 0.72m top tread



Step-Stools / High Back Kitchen Safety Steps

2 tread white, 0.47m top tread



Kik-Step - 2 tread 0.43m Blue



Signature Platform Steps - 4 tread 1.27m



Signature Platform Steps - 5 tread 1.48m



Signature Platform Steps - 6 tread 1.68m



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