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  Portable 12v Accessories for Life on the Move    
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10" Portable 12V Fan (Roadpro USA)12V Appliances:  A very handy collection of 12v powered products for life on the move plus our 12v Samsung microwave when available. Many require no description simply being mobile versions of familiar domestic appliances like hair dryers, vacuums, inflators, extension leads, etc. They are naturally less powerful than their 'mains' powered cousins but all are extremely handy in motorhome, boat, caravan, motorcaravan or camper! Our 12v Box Fan right, carrying handle, hang or stand, two speed, low amps plus small foot print, cool! 

A word about 12v kettles. Heating takes more power than 12v usually provides so all low voltage kettles are limited in what they can do. Our standard Summit kettle is 170W (14A) so it will run in a 16A lighter socket (or DIN socket with adapter), please note that not all sockets and wiring are rated 16A, many are just 8A. A domestic fast boil kettle is ~3Kw so please note that this 12v unit will take 15x as long to boil a similar amount of water!  Time will vary depending on the power at the socket, best used with engine running. Buy >>>


Please rest your mouse over individual pictures for a description. (L.S.=Lighter Socket).  Buy Below >>>

See also our other pages for 12v plugs & sockets & adaptors, lighting, LEDs, TV, inverters, 12v cable, batteries, generators and even low wattage mains appliances for travel use.

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12 volt Electrical / 12v Appliances


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12V 120A extra heavy duty make and break relay, with fixing bracket. Extra heavy duty relay Rated 120A at 12V DC. 2 x 6.3mm blade type terminals. 2 x M6 studs.

AVS-105  Durite HD Relay 120A  (0-727-18)

12V 120A extra heavy duty make and break relay, with fixing bracket. Extra heavy duty NO relay Rated 120A at 12V DC. 2 x 6.3mm blade type terminals. 2 x M6 studs.


Durite 0-727-23 Relay, 12V 70A-20A Split Charge Relay - 12v 70A.

AVS-002  Durite Split Charge Relay 70A  (0-727-23)

12V 70A-20A HD Split relay - isolates the fridge circuit separately. 2x 2.8mm blade terminals, 1x 6.3mm blade terminals, 2 x 9.5mm blade terminals. With bracket


Durite 0-727-33, 12V 140A Voltage Sensitive Split Charge Relay 12V 140A Voltage sensitive relay, Features: - Current Rated at 12V, 140A. With red LED indicator, CE approved product, relay makes (cuts in) at 13.3V and breaks (cuts out) at 12.8V, allows split charging of second battery bank without discharging the primary or start battery.

AVS-272  Durite Sensing Split Charge Relay 140A 

12V 140A Voltage Sensitive Split Charge Relay with red LED indicator. CE approved. Relay cuts in at 13.3V and cuts out at 12.8V. 5 sec delay for reliability. Allows split charging of second battery bank without discharging the start battery. 51mm deep x 66 mm square. 2x M6 Studs and ring crimp ground supplied. (0-727-33)


Summit Jug Kettle: 12V

C1205  Summit Jug Kettle 12v 140W

1L capacity. Plugs into UK lighter-type sockets.
Will boil 2 normal mugs of water in approx. 15 min. Power consumption 12 Amps. Best run with engine or hook-up support but fine if you have plenty of battery capacity and/or charging. Visual water level.


12V Slow Cooker

C1417  12V Slow Cooker 85W >7A 1.5L

Make a hot, nutritious meal while travelling. Just put in meat & veg your journey, plug it in and at the end of the day a healthy dinner will be ready! Due to the overall current consumption of the cooking process best used while your engine is running. LS plug on 6ft lead, in-line on/off switch. Cooker comes with a securing lid strap.


12V Saucepan / Popcorn Maker

C1415  Roadpro 12V Saucepan 156W 13A

An aluminium saucepan to cook the same food that you would in a regular model. The only difference is that you need a 12V supply. About as powerful as is practical on 12v. And, it makes popcorn too! LS plug on 4ft lead.


12V Portable Stove (Roadpro USA)

C1413  Roadpro Portable 12v Stove 140W 0.95L

Popular portable 12V stove for heating most kinds of pre-cooked food. Ideal for stews, sausage & beans, chops, curries, etc, heats a decent portion in ~1 hour. Due to the 12A consumption best used while your engine is running. Also the lighter socket must be 12A rated. Most but not all cig sockets are suitable for use. As used by London cabbies!


3-Pack Aluminium Trays for C1413

C1413A  Foil Trays for the Portable Stove

Twin pack Disposable aluminium trays for use with C1413, the portable stove. 2x 3pk = 6pcs



SOS Elite Emergency Tyre Kit

S.O.S. Emergency Tyre Repair Kit Digital (MkII)

New Version: Kit comes with a high-quality 12V compressor (Predecessor was Which Magazine’s “Best Buy”) for prompt inflation up to 100 psi via a digital user-preset. Built in hazard flasher and light for extra safety and convenience. 3.4m 12V power lead can be connected directly to a battery or plugged into a 12V lighter socket. (optional extn lead). Sealant supplied along with plastic gloves, neatly stowed in a sturdy canvas bag. A real cut above the rest and as supplied nowadays as a spare wheel substitute.




S.O.S. 5m 12V extension lead (Option)

Kit comes with 5 Metre Power Lead Extension, Crocodile Clip Lead Set (for connection direct to battery) Spare Valve Core, Incident Identity Valve Dust Cap, Disposable Gloves & Hand Wipe.




S.O.S. Tyre Repair Kit Sealant (Spare)

Spare sealant for K9806Kit. NB: non hazardous and can be safely and easily removed from tyres without damaging the tyres in any way - unlike the common aerosols that tyre fitters hate so much!


For hi-volume low-pressure pumps see also our boats page (click).


The endless breeze is a high volume 12V fan with a twelve inch blade and operates at 3 speeds. Air movement of up to 900 CFM (cubic feet per minute) is a major breakthrough in 12volt portable fans. Portable it is! Standing only 14" high on retractable legs and less than 3" thick it travels and stores easily. It weighs under 5 pounds. Endless breeze can be powered by any 12V power source such as automobile outlets or connecting jump leads to any 12V battery. Maximum amp draw is less than 3A per hour.


Sorry - sold out within just days of arriving in UK

Endless Breeze 12v Free-standing or hanging, High Volume Portable Box Fan. Quite amazing, the best we've ever seen, we use it ourselves. Twelve inch blade, 3 speed, air at up to 900 cfm. Only 14" high on retractable legs and less than 3" thick. Max 3A on full power, 1.2A on low power, quiet too..


This fan company has been taken over by the giant Dometic Group. Reliable information about longer term supplies is hard to come but not looking good.

10" Portable 12V Fan (Roadpro USA)

C3212 Portable 2-Speed 12v 10" Box Fan

Runs on 12V LS power lead supplied or on 8x "D" cell batteries. Have it in the lounge during the day and move it to the bedroom at night. Leave it running as it uses surprisingly little power, around 1 Amp on full power and just A on the standard setting. Hang by the handle or place on a level surface. 12W, 2-speed, 13" x 12" x 3.25" HWD, 300 x 330 x 83mm


Oscillating 12V Fan

C3213 Oscillating 12v Vehicle Fan

Vehicle fan for 12V supply, this fan can be be set to oscillate or be fixed in one position, screw mount only. Comes with a lighter-type plug on 2.3m lead, 18W.

24v version may be available on request.


12V Hair dryer with folding handle. On/Off switch and caravan lighter plug. Durable plastic housing. 168W. Very well packaged.

N32212 Monsun 12V Hair Dryer  Modest 168W but very useful, just don't expect domestic 230v 2400W performance!!  14A draw so only for adequately wired & fused lighter socket. NB: Picture illustrates handle folded and open - only one hairdryer is supplied!


N30605 Dual Purpose Plug LS/DIN 10A

Red cap on = LS, twist cap off = DIN !

Quality item similar to those found in our Procar range


A cigar socket to Clipsal type 2-pin plug adaptor. Enables appliances fitted with cigar plugs to be used in Clipsal style 2-pin sockets. Useful for: 12v televisions, kettles, battery chargers, mobile phones and many other items.

N30552 Clipsal type 2-pin Plug-Socket adaptor.

Allows appliances with cigar lighter plugs to be used in Clipsal style 2-pin caravan sockets. Useful for: 12v televisions, battery chargers, mobile phone & tablet charging and many other items even 12v kettles.


A pocket sized tester supplied with test leads. Tests: AC/DC voltage. Battery test (measures battery voltage under load). Resistance, Diode & Transistor check. Audible continuity checks. Automatic low battery indication. Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 20mm. Battery sold separately (Y6850/9V).

N30590 Compact Digital Multimeter,

Pocket size. Tests AC/DC Volts, Resistance + Continuity Beep, Diode & Transistor check, Battery Check (volts under load), 200mA. Requires 9V battery.



12v Extension Lead  5m UK LS
Cigar plug to Cigar Socket


12V ceramic heater and fan provides instant heat in winter and cool in summer. With multi-position rotating swivel base and commuting switch from heat to fan. Mounts easily with included screws or adhesive pads. CE tested. 10cm x 14cm x 9cm

N32210  Blackfire Ceramic Heater/FanOFFER
12V ceramic heater and fan provides instant heat in winter and cool in summer. Multi-position rotating swivel base and switch from heat to fan. Mounts easily with included screws or adhesive pads. CE. 10x14x9cm



Solar Shower by Outwell  Ideal after the beach and to wash the dog!  Also for wilder camping of course.



Ring Portable Shower with 12v pump - via cig plug or D-Cell Batteries (not incl). Adjustable flow and storage bag. Ideal after the beach and to wash the dog! Also for wilder camping of course.



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