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for motorhomes and motorcaravans,
business originally established in 1981.



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Motorcaravanning is a web based venture.

Where goods or services are provided they are normally via direct delivery and there are no goods held on these premises, so calls in person are simply not appropriate. It also means that any returns must be made exactly to instructions given and under no circumstances to our admin office address given on our emails.

This doesn't mean we are not accessible, on the contrary we will always try to respond to calls and emails as soon as possible.

Email is always our preferred means of communication but do read the bounce info left, it just might apply to you!



All emails are answered & asap! Our Email service operates extended hours and responses are our quickest route. But see also the important note right >>

Attachments? Files under 2mb please!

You might like to include a mobile number too - TXT is the way we can respond if spam filters are out of control & email fails!

Postal Address:  Our registered address, Garrard Close, Salford Priors, Evesham. WR11 8XG.

Please note:  This is an admin office only, there are no visitor facilities, no shop and no deliveries or returns are accepted here so as you might guess ...


No Reply?  We try to reply to all emails...

If you don't get a reply try checking your spam filter (on-line too?) and in case you or your ISP are bouncing our emails, maybe resend your enquiry with a mobile number so we might respond via txt if needed.

Txt replies info will be via 768104, this is a txt only phone number, it does not take incoming calls.

Email bounces do occur regularly; about a dozen most months, sometime double that especially from AOL and hotmail who also block sending addresses from time to time. Mistyped emails received in orders are another recurring problem!  And old emails still registered on your PayPal account are troublesome - please do log into your account to update them and/or to add your new one.

See our FAQ for more info - click here.

Important: Our main support & technical guy is undergoing chemo treatment and is also deaf and cannot use the phone. His hearing assistant has now retired so we are almost entirely focussed on email for now!

In the current difficult times some reply delays are likely - sorry 

Telecoms: As a mainly internet based venture we do not man the phones continuously and much prefer emails. We will try to respond - by email as above - as soon as we are able - to messages left with an email on ...


Existing customers or email writers will always see replies by email.

Technical & stock enquiries - all via email please.

NB: The run up to the Spring bank holidays and to the big Summer holiday period is extremely busy so our service is much reduced in April--July & around National Holidays.

Do briefly tell us the subject in any short message, but do leave your email address for the best & quickest response!  Or better still - email us on
info at motorcaravanning co uk

Any TXT replies will be via 768104, this is a txt only phone number, it does not take incoming calls.

Sometimes you will get an odd  'foreign' sounding ringing tone if the call is transferred to a mobile. This is to give you a better service and your call will still be as if to a normal land line - we pay for any extra charges for the transfer to the mobile, not you!


Our answerphone is fully automatic and will always answer after five rings if we don't get to the phone first, since we are internet based that will very often be the case.

If you want technical advice or have a stock query - email is the very best route.


AOL & Hotmail users please note:  We get more email failures from AOL & Hotmail than from all the other ISPs put together. If you want a reply you should add motorcaravanning to your address book but you should also include an address and mobile phone number to cover the times when they choose to bounce all our mail!
(Usually when there are a lot of false-from-address emails in circulation as a result of a circulating computer virus - albeit not one we have here!). is a trading venture by Neill King as are the linked sites,,, etc.


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